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JusJoJan Hoping for the Best

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 24th 2023, is “ideal.” Use the word “ideal” any way you’d like. Have fun!

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Our site at lot #174

Our location here at Rancho El Mirage isn’t exactly ideal, but the people are sweet and the activities are plentiful, so we are hoping for the best.

Why isn’t it ideal? We are about half a mile from the dog park, office, and activities center. We have no bicicletas or a golf cart, so we either walk or take the Jeep. Looks like we’ll get plenty of exercise in here!

It’s not an ideal situation with a sickly dog either, she doesn’t always make it to the dog park, so we have to carry poop bags and lots of paper towels (because she has the runs). She is eating better, so say a prayer she is well soon!

I ate a light lunch before going to play Mexican Train at 1:30, and before it was over my stomach was growling! All that walking must have worked off the soup and few cheezits I ate. Additionally, someone was in the kitchen area making a strudel and had all our mouths watering. We had to hurry and vacate the premises after the game before we gnawed someone’s arm off!

Poor Dave had to make the long walk at about 2am with Whiskey who never picks the right time to finally go do her business. Tonight it might be my turn, or not…depending on how many times we can get them to go before bedtime. The wind isn’t nearly as bad today as it was yesterday, so that’s a plus. Still, the nights are pretty chilly here, and I’d rather not have to make that walk in the middle of the night.

Also, here the hookups are different, we had to back in instead of pull through, and we’re not sure why we couldn’t just plug into the power box on our site, instead, he made us plug into an extension cord.

Mexican Train was fun, I met new people, learned “their” rules, and came back with my head so full of helpful information, I couldn’t remember it all! Where’s the best pizza, date shakes and Italian food, how to sign up for golf and bowling, where to get my hair cut and colored when I’m ready, and so much more. Once we get Brandy well, we will be off like a rocket, but for now, we will stick close to the park.


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