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Getting Some New Stuff

I know as full-time RVers, we are supposed to be on a kind of limited budget, but maybe once we have all the things we need/want out of the way, next year we won’t need to buy so much.

Our new Insignia Smart Tv with Amazon Fire Stick included.

This new purchase is just what David needed to finally resolve the TV problems. I just want him to be happy, and this makes him happy. He doesn’t care as much as me about social activities, so now he has something to do that works!

As we were shopping in Yuma, I figured this was MY chance to finally visit a dispensary since marijuana is legal in Arizona and California. So, we went to Off the Charts just across the border into California. It was literally like being a kid in a candy store for me. 😁 There was smokables, edibles, drinks, and more I knew what I wanted and quickly selected two different kinds of gummies -one being 5mg of THC and the other being 10mg.

Fruity gummies.

These are mild enough that I can use them in the daytime, where before I’ve only taken a gummy at bedtime and they were mostly CBD. The other kind I got are smaller and are just watermelon flavor.
We also went to Target and got a few things, two clearance priced t-shirts for me, and a matching bracelet (also on clearance and Dave got some beard butter (he’s getting quite shaggy, lol) some Vaseline for the sore spot on his eye (I will mix some with a drop of Frankinsence) to help heal it up. This is worrisome because he’s already had one cancerous spot in that same place removed with a very invasive surgery.he will get it properly checked out at home when he goes to the VA if I have to force him! Oh yeah, and I got new ear buds while we were getting the Tv at Best Buy. Mine stuck way out of my ears and were hard to keep charged. I hope these are a better fit for me. They were only $25. They are my favorite from JLab. Air Pop Go or something like that.

One the way home, we stopped by one of the pretty ponds on the golf course so Dave could show me how clear the water is. You can see huge Koi fish swimming lazily in the water as Mallard ducks cruised on by.

Pretty pond!
Em r ducks!
It’s a Koi, but he wouldn’t come closer!


15 thoughts on “Getting Some New Stuff

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful you brought the smart TV. Wonderful pond, so pretty ducks . Nice koi fish swing. Why u use the gummy 5mg?
    Beautiful you sharing getting some new stuff, Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Do you have a third choice? I’m laughing. It is like me saying to a kid, “I saw what you did.” He replies, “do you mean when I took the dime or when I punched Tommy.” I’m just saying you are not showing me many rare cactus plants nowadays. Teasing you, Babe. 😀 You draw your limits, with a little guidance from Jesus. I stay busy with my own.

    Liked by 1 person

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