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Impromptu Hill Climbing Trip

Dave asked me once the normal duties were done around the “house” this morning if I’d like to take a ride.

“Sure” I replied, and off we went to points yet unknown to me. We followed the road we’d seen the ATV’s take into the foothills of the nearest mountains in Wellton.

I noted how the foothills are more marked here and resemble sand dunes, but are anything but Sandy. More rock-strewn surfaces everywhere we looked. Of course, I nabbed a couple of nice specimens. (I’m getting quite the collection). Click on each photo to see them bigger.

Scenic vistas
Proof we were in the mountains
Atop the hill heading back to the Jeep.

It was super windy up there! I was surprised at what the Jeep could handle without even using the 4-wheel drive. We started to attempt a vertical climb, but not knowing if it was a road or a sheer drop made us reconsider

Still, it was a fun and scenic little ride.

Afterwards, we stopped by the store for a few essentials and headed home to eat lunch before I go bowling. I forgot to blog about playing for hole yesterday, so here is a couple of pics from that. What a tough job it was reaching the opposing boards! At the beach or lake, we don’t play regulation distance, but this place does. It’s 27ft from the front of one board to the front of the opposing board. That means it’s even further to make it in the hole!

What’s cornhole?

Heather making her toss.

It’s a fun game where each team tosses small, square beanbags into the hole of the other team’s board. People make good money who have a home business making custom boards.

Mel from the opposing team taking his shot.

A bag in the hole gets 3 points, a bag landed on the board gets one point, but if the opposing team knocks your bag off, you lose that point.
Yesterday morning we also went to the military range out way past the location of the Naked Date farm and drove around the desert for a while. I picked up rocks there too. We noticed the lack of wildlife, as in all the areas we’ve been too. I guess they are all hibernating still, or nocturnal. We drove past the Marine base about ten miles, long enough to start seeing saguaro and organ pipe cactus getting plentiful again. That must be the edges of the Organ Pipe National Monument because there were none at all before we drove into an area rife with them.
No snakes, scorpions, spiders or even a mouse was seen, but we know this desert is native to those and more.

Well, I’m off to bowl. Wish me better luck than Wednesday when I bowled an 83, and 84 respectively. ☺️


11 thoughts on “Impromptu Hill Climbing Trip

    • Yes, we were atop the hill in this shot, but it wasn’t too difficult a climb in the Jeep. I wish we could afford a sxs, but they are very expensive. We are blessed to have the Jeep, and it’s paid for so that’s a bonus! ☺️

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  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Pretty look picture. Beautiful picture of the rocks and hills. You have to jeep
    and climb the top the hills. Nice you playing beanbags. So beautiful you sharing your Hill climbing trips. I like,Kim!

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  2. Playing cornhole was something that I never played it until I came to Texas! Every weekend we used to go over to my cousins where we would have a barbecue while playing that! I could physically play, and it was fun! I did not partake that a lot of the adults with throwback a couple of brewskis while playing! It was also the big thing to do at the CCA BBQ’s!

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