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Propane Delivered!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my friends in the blogosphere! 😍

Getting the propane straight from the truck!

Today, although it cost a little more, we had our propane delivered right to our RV! That saved us from packing everything away, closing in the slides, and driving into Wellton to get it at the company. Yuma propane offers delivery twice a month, so we decided convenience over price this time.

Later, I suggested getting lunch together for Valentine’s since dinner would probably have been by reservations only. We had a lovely lunch at Olive Garden with spinach dip as a starter, and Italian margaritas. Dave had the lunch lasagna and I had the lunch cheese ravioli with meat sauce. Add in the salad and a breadstick and you have two very stuffed but happy customers!

Filled to the brim, we set off to peruse a golf shop where Dave bought a couple of covers for his driver and putter. We had to go through a border control check on the way back. No big deal, they were looking for illegals apparently. We had to stop once before, but they waved us through with no comment. Sometimes they are looking for drugs I guess, and others it’s illegals.

It has been super windy and gusty, so we have staying inside the rest of the day. The temps have dipped into the 50s and the high for tomorrow is 61. Not cold like home, but still pretty chilly for this time of year in Arizona. Oh, btw, I read that today is Arizona”s birthday!

Happy Birthday to the great state of Arizona!


7 thoughts on “Propane Delivered!

  1. Happy V-Day!

    Happy birthday, Arizona! It is also Oregon’s! Nevada celebrates their birthday on Halloween. The nice part was it gave a day off for school kids. Does that happen for Arizona kids? I know kids here got the day off because it was a snow day.

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