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Better Than Monday

One-Liner Wednesday

“Still trying to break 100.”

We bowled again today. On my practice run I got a strike, with the money pin in front! Had that been during the game, I would have won $5! I had three more chances during the game and blew them all. But I did get another strike and two spares during the first game, so I think my high score was 90. Idk. I blew it in the second round, so all was forgotten. Oh well, there’s always next week. 😁

Tonight we’re under a freeze 🥶 warning! This is NOT what I came to Arizona for. But it could always be worse, just tell that to my grouchy knee!


14 thoughts on “Better Than Monday

    • Sounds about right! I think the high here was supposed to be 61, which it is right now, but up in the ou twins where we were hiking today, we both took off our jackets it got so warm. Resting my knees now with a sipping soup! ☺️😘


    • Yes ma’am, we just HAD to see this particular mountain that from the highway looks like a crown. Weirdly enough, it’s called Muggin’s Mountain. I’m going to gather my thoughts and my pictures and blog about in soon!


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