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Scenic Excursion to Mt. Lemmon

About 8,000ft up in this shot.

Yesterday, we made the two hour trip up to Mt. Lemmon with the pups in tow. Of course, we took the Jeep because we initially wanted to go to the top, which is 9,500ft at the summit. However, Dave was afraid the icy conditions would get worse and those sharp curves were quite dicey, especially while trying to avoid the cyclists in training for the Olympics!

I could not believe how much the terrain changed from the bottom to the top! First, there was an ocean of saguaro, more than anywhere else we’ve been…even at Picacho. Then, as we rose higher and higher, the most amazing rock formations came into view. As we climbed higher, evergreens dusted with snow became thick, and I started imagining how beautiful the ski slopes would be. I could see the antennas to the observatory, and thought we’d get to see that too. Maybe next time. I have to be satisfied with getting to see the ski lifts and chairs, because they told us at the general store in Summerhaven ski valley that skiing is closed on Tuesdays. 😌 Just our luck!

I took a ton of pics, which I put on Facebook and Instagram, so I will just post a few of my favorites here. I will say the dogs enjoyed it, and except for where it was windy, we didn’t think it was that cold, even with snow on the ground. The roads were cleared and the snow pushed off to the sides. Speaking of wind, we are experiencing another horrible wind storm -worst than the last- with rain to follow. The slide out sounds like it’s about to take off! We are rocking side to side, even in this big old bus! We had to lower the antenna so it doesn’t blow off. I’ll probably miss Survivor, but at least the power is back on! We lost it around 3pm for a couple of hours. It’s rough right now. Enjoy the photos in the gallery without captions, in case we lose power again.


7 thoughts on “Scenic Excursion to Mt. Lemmon

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Excellent photography. Wonderful place. Weather is cold. Nice you sharing your Scenic Excursion to mt. Lemmon trip. Wonderful frist photo shot at 8000ft about it.
    I like.
    Thanks, Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

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