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Yesterday’s Nature Walk

The poppies are blooming on the mountain ☺️

After the craft fair and lunch I took off in my shorts and sandals for a nature walk near the mountain.

I figured that was one way to get the bloat off and I had that too full feeling, plus, I wanted to see what was blooming on the mountain that we could see all the way from the highway. I found out from a friend here in the park, Irma, that they are poppies! I didn’t know poppies could also be yellow!

A close up of some in the field.

I should have thought more about my attire as I bolted for the hills, walking sandals probably wasn’t the best choice as rocky as the terrain is there. I managed it though. I followed the roads the workers have cut for the new development in the back of the park. As I neared the fields of the foothills, I was amazed how green everything has become! Then again, we’ve had an unusual amount of rain since we’ve been here. In fact, it rained again early this morning for about an hour and a half.

I stuck to the road at the very back of the park, that leads around to the State Park I believe. I didn’t dare go any further than where I could still see motor homes and park models. Even with that, I walked around 3 miles or more, but my fitness tracker did not start tracking until the halfway mark of my trek.

In the field facing the RV Resort way down the hill.

The poppies had exploded over this field which also is home to gnarled saguaro, cholló, and desert scrub of some kind. My nose and eyes were running so bad, I could barely see the rocks under my feet, much less look for a good one to add to my small collection. I pushed on.

See the barbed wire? I dared not cross it in my sandals.

The closer I got to the mountains the greener things got, and the poppies covered the area. I wanted badly to go across and nose around, but being alone, I knew it was unwise. No one knew where I was, so if I got hurt or stranded in any way, I’d be in trouble. As it was, I had a hard time finding my way back, because there was no clear cut through from where I was. I was persistent, however, and found a way through a field and across a small gully. That led me back to the development road which I followed around to the park, and eventually, the pool. No, I didn’t get in, but sat and grabbed with Irma for a while in the warm, wonderful sunshine before the eminent storm.

No ranch anymore. Just a sign and old mailbox.

I tried to find information on this old landmark, but found only more pictures others had taken just like mine!

I also took picture of Tucson’s Mt Lemmon with its snow capped peaks.

You can see it off in the distance as well as a train so long I couldn’t see the end or the beginning.

The white roof to the right of the giant saguaro is the Ostrich Ranch! From our site in the park it’s about a 20 minute walk, but only to the back of the ranch. You must enter from the front, accessible by car, ATVs, or a golf cart. By now, my knee was griping at me to finish up, so I snapped a few more pics and made my way back.

I cut through this field and wound my way back to the park.

I have always been the type to strike out on my own and walk wherever I want. I know it’s reckless, but I’m a stubborn sort. When I feel the urge, need to blow off steam, or just want to go exploring, that’s what I do! I remember once in the service, I got angry while out at a nightclub and simply left and started walking back to base. It was night and probably 5 miles away, but I was pissed and didn’t care. I was picked up by a trucker, but that’s a story for another day. Yeah, reckless, that’s me.

More poppies popping up along the roadside.

Yesterday the temps reached a warm 72 degrees and today it’s partly cloudy or sunny, however you want to look at it and currently 50 degrees. I’ve not been out to walk as of yet. 🤣😂 Shame on me!
I love this park and this area of Arizona. I’ve heard that Sedona is so much more beautiful, but the beauty I see here inspired me to write another poem on my Substack pub called Bedtime Snacks. You can read that here.

This unsolicited post was brought to you by me, I hope you enjoyed the nature walk! Happy Sunday everyone!

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9 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Nature Walk

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    I enjoy you nature walk. Beautiful photography. Beautiful poppies are blooming. So wonderful Nature for Greenery. I like. I am happy to you walked 3 miles around the mountain &park. You are brave You have a nice fitness. You have no knees problem. Iam so happy. I always walked early morning.
    Happy Sunday tou, Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing nature walk, Kim. Thank you for taking us along. I have never seen yellow poppies either. They are so velvety, I want to touch them.
    My husband and daughter are like you, they like to strike out – together.
    Watch out for snakes next time you wear sandals. 🍀

    Pleased to meet you – visiting from Dan’s blog, No Facilities.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was out strolling with you, breathing the nice fresh air, feeling confident we would get back okay since you kept the buildings in sight….. Alas, I was wondering who was going to take care of Kim. She is still pushing her limits! Be careful. I have a friend named Kim Smyth who I would miss if she gets lost. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t worry 😉 I’m tougher than I make myself out to be. I’m just a bit rebellious and independent. I love the motor home but cannot stay in it 24/7. Especially when it’s pretty outside. I reserve cold, rainy, or windy days for catching up on inside activities. 😘 It’s nice to know I’d be missed though, and so would you, Oneta 🤗


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