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No Wild Animals Here…Yet

Today’s SoCS prompt by Linda G Hill is Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wild animal.” Choose a wild animal (or many wild animals) and use it any way you’d like in your post. Enjoy!

The only wild animals we’ve seen so far in this area are a hummingbird and a bunny rabbit which were both too fast to capture on film.

Unless you count our visit to the Ostrich Ranch, but that doesn’t count now does it. I’m thinking she meant animals in the wild…not cages.

However, in a month or so, they will be around, but we won’t. snakes start arriving along with the scorpions, coyotes, and Gila monsters. I’m sad I will miss their arrival. I wanted to see a Gila monster in person. Unfortunately, they are all still hibernating.

There are birds around. Dove and others. They are not only wild, but free. That’s how I feel when I take off on one of my nature walks. Wild and free.

It’s pretty dark around here at night, so the resort managers are reminding us to walk with a flashlight or headlamp in case people in cars or golf carts don’t see us. of course, the only place we usually walk at night is to the dog park, but once there, they do have a light.

Enjoy your weekend ☺️


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