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Learning Many Things

Hello everyone and how is your Sunday going?

I’m here to tell you what an informative couple of days it’s been. First, I found out after a fascinating talk with one of the guys that lives in the park that the mountain in front of the resort-Picacho Peak- was actually formed from a volcanic eruption millions of years ago. It’s the result of the lava flow and formed the way it is today. So many of the rocks we’d find in and on the mountain are volcanic and wouldn’t be good for collecting or tumbling.

I also found out that if I were to go over the ridge of the lower end of the range, there is an abandoned mine where they used to mine for gold and other minerals. Sweet! I think I can do it, but I’d never attempt it alone. My luck, I’d get stuck or lost and have to call for help. Mike told me there have been many helicopter rescues called for folks that got hurt doing the same thing. I’d be mortified if that happened to me!

The second thing (most valuable) I learned was where the “official” nature & fitness trails are. I was just on a walk and stumbled right onto them! That made me super happy because now walking them will be a daily goal, and maybe I can increase the time it takes to close my rings to an hour. That will ensure I get the most steps I need to achieve my fitness goals and still eat what I like. Bonus!

In addition to the walking trails, there are various apparatus along the way, like leg press, back stretcher, and pull-up bars. I took pics of course, and will make a self guided gallery of them. You’ll walk the trail with me as I post the apparatuses as I came upon each one. Here we go!

This last picture is an image taken from the Saguaro National Parks website of an actual crested saguaro. This elusive cactus is one I’ve been searching for since I arrived, but as yet have not located one. It’s said there are two here, one in the park and one in the desert. I will let you know if I ever do!

I’m so proud y’all, I have figured out on my own how to caption the photos in the gallery. Woo hoo!

It astounds me that I never knew these trails were here until now. I was told today that they are fairly new, so now I don’t feel too badly. Anyway, I’m glad to have found them and while I was walking, I did take advantage of the leg press, the neck stretcher, and did a few of the exercises at the end of the trail. It’s warming up now, so my attire will likely change and I will try to include more activities on those apparatuses as I get stronger.

I only played bocce ball for an hour because it was very warm on the hill and my stomach has been upset on and off since last night. No hamburger with jalapeño and pepper Jack cheese for me tonight, nor cream in my adult beverage either. Maybe NO adult beverage in fact. I need to get my mind and body right for beach time! 🌴🏝️🏖️🍹


3 thoughts on “Learning Many Things

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Very nice photography. All photos are beautiful. Nice it’s exercises for leg press & back stretcher . I like.
    You enjoy a day. Beautiful you shar your learning many things a day How your stomach problems, Kim!
    God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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