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Water Aerobics, Luau, and Another Lesson

Happy Wednesday everyone! While I watch Survivor and enjoy a post luau beverage, I’m here to tell you about another eventful day!

I am ashamed, however, that I forgot to take one photo from the luau. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to attend, since it was crammed between two other events. We basically ate some delicious food and visited with new friends we met that live across from us in the park, Mark and his wife Jo. The luau was to say goodbye to the folks leaving for the season. It seemed the whole resort attended though! That place was packed.

To get ready for water aerobics, I went early to sit in the sun so I’d be ready to enter the cool pool. 😎 It didn’t work, and let me just tell ya, the pool was not heated. I guess they’ve started lowering the temps now that it’s getting warmer. There was a few sunburned folks at the luau later, lol. I did get used to the water by going in 15 minutes early. I followed along and used the dumbbells for resistance and oh my, I am so sore! My right knee and shoulder are really feeling it. She (the instructor) told me about halfway through, I should have used the first lesson to learn the moves before adding resistance. Ugh! I’ll be lucky to get out of bed tomorrow! This morning was tough because I’m not sleeping well. Couple that with still being sore from walking 10,000 steps two days ago, and I was slow to wake up and get moving. My husband jumped out of bed straight into the shower. I just can’t do that. Not yet anyway. Oh, and before I went to the pool, I had to give myself a pedicure because, trust me, no one wanted to see those winter toes! 😂

After water aerobics I had a “date” to go watch Karl do his first step on this batch of rocks so I could see what the slurry looks like and how to rinse the rocks, etc. I also finished my online class last night, so I already knew there’s really more than four steps. Each step is supposed to take a week, but in reality, if the rocks are really rough, you could tumble them longer. Anyway, Karl took me through his process on a much larger scale. My tumbler is the small starter tumbler (3lbs) and his was 12lbs. Oh! Seeing how pretty some of his rocks were after just one week was amazing! He had quite the mix of different colored rocks, with cool patterns like stripes and spots. Some had quartz in them and others smooth and others had cracks and were kind of knobby. The knobby ones will be saved back for another batch on step one. While I was there, I took those pics I forgot yesterday. His display of “saguaro boots” and the cat house, and the saguaro skeletons with the birds in them that flank his patio.

What an awesome display of all his boots and other desert treasures.
The cat house where the kitties can enjoy being outside for a while.
One saguaro skeleton
The second skeleton with the birds. Also, check out part of the cactus garden!

I just love visiting his house and getting inspired by all of their cool creations!


2 thoughts on “Water Aerobics, Luau, and Another Lesson

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Very nice you sharing water Aerobics, Luau and another lessons. You meet your new friends in park. Some delicious food ate with friends. You got water aerobics your right knee and shoulder are really feeling better. You finished online new class for rock. Wonderful display of saguaro boots, cat house and saguaro skeleton. Amazing diply, Kim!


  2. I love that you did water aerobics! I signed up for CLASS was going to pay for me to go. However, I did not find a place. This was before Christina came into my life. But now we have the gym that takes up 3 days and massage therapy for 2 days! So we are full! Were there and a lot of people there doing the aerobics? I pray you are feeling better! I still have a few more days to read and get caught up! I love reading about your tumbler stuff! Is that guy going to let you come over to his house again? Did you realize that his tumbler that his tumbler was much bigger? They both do the same thing just that he can put in oral rocks at one time. Rolling on!

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