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Why does it always seem that every time I try to get my fitness goals achieved, something happens to derail my efforts?

I had a good week getting my steps in and doing water aerobics and planned on going again today but then something tore my stomach up last night and I feel too washed out to go.
Before that, my knee swelled up from the long walk and the water aerobics and had to sit out a day to recover. It’s like I take two steps forward and three back. So frustrating!!

A bit of good news to report. We have booked our stay in Alvarado for when we go home. Ft Worth is a very hard area to find a decent RV Park that isn’t a dump or too expensive. Alvarado is about 30 minutes from most of my family, friends, and our doctors, so we can handle that. Other than those appointments, we have a bd party on the 9th, which is also Easter, so I’m sure we will see lots of family on that day! I think my niece and nephew -in law- are also visiting from Washington for the event.

We also have one of our overnights booked for the trip home, as well as our stay in Port Aransas for three months, so feeling accomplished (and broke) just kidding. Feeling blessed actually, that we have the resources to make all this happens! Had we not, Dave never would have agreed to go full time. Please say a prayer that everything holds together and we have a safe and uneventful trip home in the motor home. We’ve been blessed and lucky so far. 🍀✝️


8 thoughts on “Derailment

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful had good week. Have a happy weekend. I hope your stomach & knee feel better. Now you stay in Alvarado. You meet your’s family’s & friends. Where you celebrate Easter?.
    Have enjoy weekend, Kim!

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