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A Dusty, Windy Welcome

After a harrowing drive into Big Spring, we rested for the night.

Driving into the dust storm.
Enduring 40-50 mph gusts and red dust.

It was so stressful for Dave driving through this mess, when we finally got set up and relaxing in the motor home, we never went back outside except to take the dogs to potty. By morning, the winds were gone and we were greeted by a clear, cool morning. Driving miles and miles toward Alvarado, I was never so happy to see green grass and trees in my life!

Green grass, trees, and bluebonnets blooming.

But before that…

We drove past windmills for what looked like miles!

I believe we saw these in Sweetwater.

Then, heading into Alvarado, we were welcomed by a traffic snarl on Hwy 35. Luckily, it was short-lived.

Brake lights for miles.

Finally, we got to the Tx Ranch RV Resort in Alvarado. We got set up, Dave got a shower, we packed overnight bags and headed back into the crazy traffic to spend the night at my brother Kevin’s house and go to church with him. Plus , they are having a big lunch and we will be in attendance. Ahhh, but it’s good to be home!

Kevin bought some food for dinner and I regaled him with pictures and stories of our trips. He gave me my last bd present; a night shirt that says “Don’t wake the bear.” Who, me?? 🤣😂


3 thoughts on “A Dusty, Windy Welcome

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful photos. Nice Capture. More Dusty wind. Beautiful Green, grass, trees and bluebonnet blooms. You arrived at your brother’s house. You have relax & go-to the Church gat big lunch.
    Thanks, Kim!
    Iam glad!

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  2. I did not realize that you were stopping your brother’s place 1st. Are you still there? I remember you saying that Alvarez was the closest resort that you found to Fort Worth. Are you going to be staying where Michelle stays? I am hoping to get to see you while you are here!

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    • Oh no, we were just visiting him so we could go to a special event at his church with him. We are at a park in Alvarado (boring, lol) but yes, I’d like to see you while we are here too!! If the weather gets worse than a little rain, we will go back to Kevins in the jeep.

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