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Unfortunate Timing

Well, it’s storming again in Texas!

Viewer photo of another storm in Alvarado, Tx from a few years ago.

Unfortunately, our arrival was right in the middle of spring storm season, so we may be dealing with this for the entire month, most likely weekly! 🫣

We do have a place to run to if the situation gets too hairy, but I don’t know what condition the RV will be when we return. I hope we don’t have to resort to putting it in storage if we have heavy hail or a possible tornado. It’s such a roll of the dice. RV parks don’t have covered areas to “hide” the RV under, which is too bad for us and so many others. However, can you imagine the expense if they did?? It will be the same at the coast. I guess if a hurricane is eminent, we will have to do something, I don’t know.

Luckily tonight we are just experiencing rain, thunder and lightening. Yea us. ☺️

On another note, I’m so frustrated with Amazon right now! 😡 I placed an order accidentally hitting the order button before changing the address. I was able to cancel two of the items, but one is still on its way to Arizona…possibly all three items, because I messed around so long trying to get the address changed and cancel the order. I guess, I’ll deal with it tomorrow, I’m way over it tonight.

I was telling some other bloggers how nice it was to have found a place kind of near home, yet it’s so boring here. I finally realized why. It’s not a 55+ park, so they have no scheduled activities, no pickle ball courts, no bocce ball, or any of the other amenities we had there. No mountains to climb or scenic walking trails. My, weren’t we spoiled in Arizona! Yet I got used to it and now I miss it. See, they focus on keeping seniors active, which is really nice. And this place cost 100 dollars more a month, and for what?? A place to park basically. A nice concrete pad, and laundry facilities, which we don’t need, and a pool-but it isn’t opened until May when all the other TX parks open for swimming. I guess I’ll be doing a lot of monotonous walking and maybe fit in some floor exercise with my bands. Otherwise, I’m going to get big as a barn! 🤣😂


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