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A Creek Runs Through It

The creek divides the north side of the park from the south.
South side of the park.
The north side. We are the first spot there with the Jeep

The pond on the property is catch and release.
I captured a heron in flight.
I’m assuming a great blue heron.

Well, now you’ve had the grand tour. 😁

Today we went downtown Ft Worth so I could get my lab work done for my upcoming appointment with my nephrologist. Since we were near Burleson, I went to hobby lobby to get some paints, brushes, and mosses for the art projects I’ll be making soon. (If the wind ever dies down enough to work outside!) Painting and gluing needs to be done outdoors if possible. Dave had to go to the auto parts store too.

I’d share my ideas, but parts of it are for my brother’s birthday and on the off chance he reads the blog, I don’t want to spoil it for him. I’m going to decorate his patio wall it’s a few of the things I found or was gifted by Karl from the desert.

Tomorrow Dave is going for his visit to the VA to get some things checked out like the place near his eye he had the cancerous spot removed. It looks like it’s trying to come back, so say a prayer that isn’t the case. We would appreciate it. I also want him to ask about getting his hand fixed and just get a general once over while we’re here. I wish I could go with him because you know men, they don’t ask enough questions or divulge enough secrets, lol!

I can’t wait to see my kids! I didn’t get to see them this past weekend because they were busy. Hopefully, we will stay and have family dinner together. ❤️


14 thoughts on “A Creek Runs Through It

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful capture the South side creek , North side the park, nice pond & Beautiful blue heron.Now finished your trips. You reached your brother house& celebration birthday.
    Why you visite nephrology? Have you kidny problem? I happy to you doing hobby lobby. Wedeon you so you project. Caryon your project,Kim!

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