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On Island Time

It’s such a good feeling knowing we can chill and relax because we don’t have to try and do everything we want to in a week!

We had a leisurely day in that we had nos specific plans other than make an appointment for the dogs to get groomed, get some Off…the most important item that we evidently forgot to bring, or just haven’t found it yet. We also went back to the bike shop to speak to the owner and see if he had a bike that would be a good fit for me. He didn’t. I’m thinking I may call Pedego and see if they can ship me the one I liked. It’s more than I wanted to pay, but you get what you pay for, right?!

This is the e-bike we looked at today.

Our lunch at Virginia’s was not good, I’m sorry to say. But when you pay good money for fresh seafood, you expect fresh, not frozen shrimp! If it wasn’t frozen, they overcooked it. The drinks were too limey and mostly margarita mix. We had a shrimp boil, we split it, and all of it was over done and way too salty. You could barely peel the shrimp! There are many other wonderful places to eat good seafood here, we will go to one of them next time.

Port Aransas dreamin!

One of the benefits of eating at a restaurant close to the marina!

Later, I worked on a macrame plant handler I’m making for Josh’s girlfriend, Shari. I need to figure out a better place to work, cause the hold-it-with-a-clipboard method didn’t work so great. The good thing is, I have plenty of time and materials to practice! I also need to figure out my space where I’m going to tumble my rocks and get that going. All in good time. The last thing we did before dinner was to simply take our camp chairs down to the beach sat looking at the waves and the birds for a little while. A bit cool yet, but nice and relaxing.

A laughing gull looking for food. We didn’t have any.

I’ll tell you a funny story though. We had our chairs behind the Jeep, so we couldn’t see anything but the ocean. When we got home, I pulled out the bag that had a loaf of bread and three Ice brand waters. The bread had a huge hole in it, like something had taken a bite. I asked Dave if he didn’t check the bread at the store, he said of course he did. We knew there were no creatures in the Jeep, so what the heck? Then Dave remembered he left the back windows halfway down, so I thing a bird flew in, took a bite or two and flew out! Lol, that’s going in the trash!

Then we came back here and had leftover beef burritos that Dave had made the other day. Now we are watching Barry on HBO and relaxing. That’s how it goes when you’re on Island Time!


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