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Finally Arrived-Happy May Day!

We are finally here at LaFittes’s Hideout RV Resort and I have to say, it’s great to be back in Port A!

We are in the area where the orange dot is.

I haven’t had much of a chance to check the whole place out, but other than a pool, I don’t see much that qualifies as a resort, but that’s ok because all the fun things to do are in Port A itself!! So far, the beach isn’t crowded, a fact that will soon change, so I want to go at least once before the weekend arrives along with thousands of people wanting a piece of Sandy real estate.

I have to apologize if yesterday’s post sounded whiny, or if it sounded like I’m ungrateful for every second we are living this lifestyle. But that place in Aransas pass was just a parking lot basically with hookups. The vehicles packed in so close to each other you had nothing to look at but a wall or another vehicle. I’ve been ready to be here for so long, and now we get three months of fun times ahead, so I’m back to being a happy camper. And I don’t need to spend a ton of money to be happy here. I didn’t take any pictures today, but trust me, they will be coming!

We ran around town today, ate way too much pizza for lunch, and took the doggies for a ride down the beach. The water felt fine when I dipped my feet in for a sec, but in this May wind, unless you’re in it during the heat of the day, I bet you’d get cold. Idk, but I’m willing to check it out tomorrow! 😉 We checked in with the Chamber of Commerce, so friendly, and got maps, tips, and she even gave me a rubber ducky for the Jeep and one to duck a friend! We went to the CBD store and to the bike shop to see about an electric bike for me. We have to check back tomorrow because the owner wasn’t in. From what he had on display, they looked too big for me, but we will see what else he has tomorrow.

I’m slightly bummed because we can’t put our mat out next to the motor home because they don’t want stuff killing the grass, and although each site comes with your own picnic table, I wanted to sit outside in chairs. We’ll work something out, I’m sure. I could be happy just walking the island taking pics of birds, flora and fauna, looking for rocks and shells, and of course, chilling on the beach. Oh, can you believe that somehow we forgot to pack a can of Off? How the heck that got forgotten is beyond me. The mosquitoes here are terrible and I thought we planned for that, but we tore this bus up today and can’t find any. I guess it’s off to the store tomorrow.

One thing I forgot to tell you about yesterday that was on the list of things I got done, was to finish this cute little macrame hanger for my air plant. It was cute on the vase, but I couldn’t keep it from getting in the way, so I put it in the holder and hung it where it will get the proper indirect lighting and possibly some humidity. Right outside the shower next to the sink area!

It’s very simple, but I plan to make bigger, better ones now that I have my bag of assorted wooden rings, oh boy!

My air plant and macrame holder.

I hope you all had a Happy May Day and I’ll check in again tomorrow with some pics from the island! Good night!


9 thoughts on “Finally Arrived-Happy May Day!

  1. As a teen, spent a lot of Christmases in Rockport and Aransas Pass. I loved it. My first trip, I met a 15 year old who said he had never seen snow. I found that astounding! Maybe I found him astounding; I’ve sure remembered a long time. 🙂

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  2. Sorry I’m reading these backwards, but I’m so behind on reading everyone’s blogs so on my phone this works best.

    Sounds like a fun adventure. Yeah, I wouldn’t be happy with overcrowding and no place to be outside. But, hey, the beach!!! I’m a fan even when to cold. Great for walking or zenning.

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