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Catching Up

Goodness, it’s Mother’s Day and I almost forgot!

That is, until this morning when Dave surprised me with a card. He always makes sure I get a little something because our boys are loving and lovable, but usually can’t afford more than a call. Which I got from two out of three. A text with memes from my oldest, lol. It’s all good! They remembered and that’s what counts. Chris, my youngest, called twice! The second time was FaceTime to show me his new apt. Hopefully, he will be moved in by next wknd.

I’ve missed blogging for a day or two, so I’m playing catch up. This morning was sunny and beautiful, so we geared up and took a ride on our bikes. Sorry, I forgot to have Dave take a pic. Anyway, after a practice run around the resort, we left the park and hit the streets. We just rode around the block, but I proved I’m fine to ride and follow the rules of the road. Still, I have to admit, I’m happy to have the mirrors so I can see behind me.

Later, Dave took me for another panini and some gelato at Waves, my favorite coffee shop. We can never eat more than half, which works for me, so I can have my small gelato.

A selfie of us from Waves.

For dinner he cooked the Mahi he bought yesterday and we had the shrimp leftover cold and it was delicious. I’ve had a bad afternoon with my tummy, so I had to wait a while to eat dinner. A salad and a small spoon of rice-a-Toni rounded out the meal. A great day indeed!

Yesterday, we hung around here, so I took off for a walk and ended up at a cute little boutique called Roam. They have a little bit of everything! I had to take a few pics cause the place was so cute and kitschy.

I didn’t bring any money, so it was window shopping, but I’m sure I’ll go back. Most of what I loved I can’t afford, but they have items in every price range. I want to tell my Tasmanian blogger about it because her art work and products could actually be sold there on consignment. I’m in love with her artwork, I save it all to my Pinterest board! Anyway, Patricia, if you’re reading this, contact Roam and ask them about it!

I really don’t recall much about days we don’t do much, so that was the highlight of my day. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day and I appreciate all that you and all moms do!!


6 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    “Happy Mother’s Day, Kim
    Very nice you sharing you son send Card. Nice your loving son wish you tooo… Pretty looking selfie pic. You forget the e- bick ride photo shoot. . I wish you too.

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  2. Good grief, Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you! All mothers are a Queen! That day slipped me by as I mentioned to tell you. Speaking Christina and her bo went to Lake Grapevine this weekend and then stayed in some cabins. It was a resort with a bunch of the RV there. She said it was really nice! Glad you had a good Mother’s Day! Any day at the coffee shop would make it a great day!

    So I signed up care.com today and, I already have a hit!! Not trying to pay all my ex in one basket. We are going to call her tomorrow and see if she wants to come for an interview! The lady that we thought we have tried to text her after 1st talking to her and have gotten no response. So that means he is not interested and we are not interested in her. We must move forward. Her actual surgery date is June 22 so she is going to want the person to start June 13 but they will need to fill out paperwork, and have requirements and background check before getting paid. So she is thinking they will need to come in the later than June 8.

    I am thrilled that you are enjoying your new bike! And did the house just get too much for Chris?

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    • Thank you for the belated Mother’s Day! It was a nice day.
      I’m happy you have someone to interview and I pray the first time is a winner! We looked at the RV park in grapevine and it was pretty high. It would have been nice though cause it was closer than Alvarado.
      I still have only ridden the new bike for real once, because we had a constant threat of rain for several days, but we will have a whole week of sunny days now, so I should get some time in on it.
      I’m going to check my rocks again in the morning and probably move on to step two! I’m excited to see what they look like when it’s all said and done.
      The house was just a constant source of problems the landlord wouldn’t fix, and Chris was tired of it. I think his new place in Richland Hills is a little cheaper too, but Adam and his daughter are still going to be his roommates. Single people just can’t afford a place on their own anymore. Sean lives with two couples-oh and he is on the job hunt again. Josh got laid off, so he has an interview at a new place on Wednesday. They’ve got to get out of that Motel 6, so I pray he gets it!!

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