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WOD Challenge 11-8-22 Mourning

I mourn a lot of things these days, my Dad of course, but material things I can no longer have, like coconut oil.

The anniversary of Dad’s passing is drawing near. He passed away this month on the 22nd last year. I mourn his loss daily, but the other feelings and emotions aren’t quite as intense as they once were.

Lately, with my new diet and various ailments, lots of things are off-limits. Coconut oil, butter, and fried foods-which I had mostly given up anyway, fat in general, and popcorn! I’m mourning and missing all those things, but find that I’m still able to eat quite a bit. Peanut butter doesn’t bother me, I found some awesome-but expensive- gluten-free bread, I didn’t have to give up my beloved sweet potatoes, and I’m finding some dairy-free options for yogurt and ice cream type desserts! Anyone for mango sorbetto? Talenti makes a delicious one and they are the same company that makes that awesome gelato!

I’m also missing and mourning no alcohol 🍷 and even when I got to enjoy a glass of wine, I’m not sure it didn’t contribute to some mouth issues soon after. I still haven’t figured out why I keep getting mouth sores and ulcers while on one gram of anti-viral medicine every day!! Any doctors in the house care to explain that one?

If it’s going to make me miserable, I might as well just leave it alone. I have my gummies to replace it, but even those I take sparingly and only 1/2’s or 1/4’s at a time. I have to make them last so I can get to sleep with Dave’s snoring, lol! He won’t try anything to stop it, so I have to do what I can to sleep.

It’s better to utilize what you can instead of mourning what you can’t have. I can eat chicken, turkey, fish, cooked, and some raw, fruits and veggies. Bread, rice, pasta, jello, soup, crackers, nut butter, and sugar-free candy, so I’m not starving. Of course, I try to eat gluten-free bread and pasta, and very little rice, except for Rice Krispies and Cream of Rice hot cereal. I can have bananas again, but she prefers I only eat 1/2 a banana a day. I found some delicious brands of bone broth, which is very good for everyone, and I can have all kinds of tea, and even coffee doesn’t bother me now!

So the bottom line is there’s some things I’ll always mourn, but plenty of things to love that are here to enjoy. ☺️😉

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WOD Challenge 07-15-21 Not Pleased

Well folks, I gotta say I’m not very pleased with my self after yesterday’s splurge with my dad at lunch!

Dad and I at Ernies, and splurged with fried catfish and shrimp, fries, and hush puppies!

Then again, that hasn’t been my only splurge lately. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t really been trying very hard with my diet. Just the other day, Dave and I had lunch at Fresco’s, and I had brisket nachos, with a baby margarita and he got a meal that included “elotes” Mexican corn on the cob! I’d been dying to try it, and there’s was just ok. My son, Josh said I must try Fuel City; a giant gas station that sells Mexican street corn on the cob or in a cup. He said it’s to die for!

Dave and I had a decadent lunch at Fresco’s

Of course all this rich food will take a toll on my body eventually if I don’t knock it off, but I can’t seem to get motivated lately. Am I still in vacation mode? Depressed at the way the world is going? I just don’t know, but there is a bit of good news. I have no pictures for the things I’m about to share, well, I have one, but anyway, I have been experimenting with new things.

One is, I’ve discovered Truly’s, an alcoholic beverage that has 2 carbs and 1g of sugar! They pack a punch, though, so be careful! Each Truly is 5grams of alcohol and they are kind of drying because they are hard seltzer’s.

This is the Wild Berry Truly drink.

The best flavors are the punches, but they are really hard to find. This one is at least drinkable, it’s called Wild Berry. Before these I tried the Tropical fruit flavors…awful! They tasted like carbonated water with a piece of fruit dipped in it! 🤮

The next product I’ve tried lately it Qubes, which are an apple cider vinegar gummy! What a great way to get your daily dose of ACV and they taste wonderful! I got a free sample (plus shipping, of course) and I plan to buy more. Much easier than getting those teas or shots of ACV down, and this way, I can get a daily dose instead of every few days. They don’t bother my system either, like real ACV can if you drink too much.

The third thing (doesn’t have anything to do with my diet) is a CBD gummy for pain. Some of you may know I’ve been experimenting with CBD gummies and other products, and Moonwlkr is one of my favorite brands! Recently I bought a sample pack of gummies with CBD and CBG which is a combo of cannabinoids that work on pain receptors in your body. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD and 10 mg of CBG. I started with half of a gummy, since I am on muscle relaxers at night before bed. They really work well, and my shoulder doesn’t hurt as bad. The flavor is mixed berries (see a trend anyone?) and I have to say, they taste delicious, just like all of there gummies.

New gummies from Moonwlkr.

So, hopefully I haven’t been to harmful to myself, and things will balance out. I just can’t justify denying myself yummy foods lately, but normally, during the week, I still try to be good. Most of the time when Dad and I go to lunch, I always have a salad. Yesterday, I decided I was going to splurge, because, like his doctor said, every once in a while won’t hurt! Still, I feel guilty, and my body didn’t like it. I have to say though, it was a delicious mistake! 😋😘

PS: If anyone wants to try a sample let me know and send me your email and I will send a code so that we either each get $10 off our next purchase or I can get a sample sent to you. All of Moonwlkr’s gummies are great and really deliver results that work! Self care is important, so if you are anxious, have difficulty with sleep, or with pain, you should definitely try some of these gummies! They are a safe, legal way to get relief of your symptoms in the comfort of your own home.

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