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Rocks, Riding and The Gaff

Well, today was end of stage one on my rocks and clean to start stage two!

So pretty already! Three more stages to go!
I turned them all a bit so you could see details.

After cleaning and reloading the drum with rocks, grit, and media, they are to spin again for another 7 days. The rocks shrink a bit with every stage, so when I get to stage three, I’ll probably have to add ceramic media as well as grit and plastic pellets. The barrel must be filled about 2/3 the way to go back on the tumbler.

After I got done with the rocks, Dave and I took a nice ride around town and eventually made it to the beach to find the calmest sea since we’ve been here. We ended up biking eight miles, something that would have been impossible for me without the pedal assistance. I’m so happy.

It was also so clear, you could see the ships on the horizon waiting to come in. This couple must have wanted private time since their shelter is facing the wrong way.

After the ride and a short cool down, we went to get ice for the cooler, and found ourselves at The Gaff for some delicious pizza and enjoyed the quirky vibe of the pirate themed bar. Patrons were already bellied up to the bar, and they have a huge outdoor area in the back for belt sander races, outside dining, and other games.

Oops, I forgot to take a picture of the back yard area. Next time. When is the last time you saw a phone like this? Lunch was expensive but we had half a pizza to take home. $29 for a pizza and two sodas! They had a jukebox, darts, and other games as well as cute and kitschy decor. Yes, there is an entire alligator skin on the ceiling! For such a small place, it was full of charm!

That is all for now, but I’m sure I’ll need to go walk, swim, or otherwise get some exercise to work of those two pieces of cheesy, pepperoni pizza! Stay tuned! Me, i could go to the beach every day, but Dave not so much. We will see what’s up for later on.


5 thoughts on “Rocks, Riding and The Gaff

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful your Rock collection. I like. Beautiful beach photography. You enjoyed delicious pizza with soda. Nice you walked & swim& got some exercise. I wait what’s up on., Kim!

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