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Calm Waters

Today was so nice and chill! We went tinto Corpus, which means we crossed the intracoastal waterway, to do some shopping and return something to Amazon.

Going out over the intracoastal waterway.
Coming back to the island over the same water way.

We hit Sam’s Club for coffee, two new bathing suits for me, and two new tank tops to wear while biking. All of the items fit and were a bargain!! No deals like that on the island.I got and orange or melon colored one and another green different than my old one but both tank type suits. I didn’t remember to take a pic, but will try to next time.

Then we checked prices at Academy on fishing poles for surf fishing. No dice. After the return at the UPS store, we hit Specs for more Paloma’s from Cutwater for me and then went to Walmart. There Dave found some decently priced poles, bread, dog food, and beer for Dave. He is laughing that I’m sharing my grocery list. 🤣😂 I know it’s boring, but really, you can’t get anything on the island without paying jacked up prices, so some things are worth the trip to Corpus. Port Aransas counts on vacationers doing lots of impulse buying, but when you spend several months here, it’s just not reasonable. Of course, we’ve gone through plenty of money here already, so I appreciate when he’s willing to travel for the occasional good deal.

The highlight, of course, was going to the beach for a couple of hours and seeing the beautiful water! It was calm, clear, and gorgeous green, blue all the way to the horizon, with very warm, gentle waters.

Look how pretty and calm the water is!
Clear view as well!
Always someone playing with the gulls.
Someone’s pretty kite.
Someone way down the beach parasailing.
Dave by our spot.

He actually walked out into the warm, clear water and you could literally see the fish, and shells through the water.

No fish in this shot, but showing how clear.

After returning home, we showered, fed the dogs and ourselves and settled in to watch the Jeopardy Championship Tournament.

If you’d rather not hear about the daily life stuff, just let me know…I certainly don’t want to bore anyone!


12 thoughts on “Calm Waters

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    You enjoyed the nice & chilli day. What a beautiful intracoastal way. Congratulations you buy a bathing suits and tank tops. Nice colour choice. Wonderful playing with the gulls. Pretty kite and parasailing. Clear calm & clean water. Beautiful Dave’s pic. Excellent photography. Thanks, Kim!

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