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WOD Challenge 03-15-21 Party Nails

Yesterday, before family showed up to dinner to celebrate my birthday, I painted myself some party fingernails and nobody even noticed, “sniff”. Oh well, a nice dinner of chicken, country style ribs, brats, Mac and cheese and broccoli salad and a few rounds of pool with my dad, brother, and two of my sons, Chris and Sean (Josh couldn’t make it) and I didn’t care anyway. Thanks to David, Bubba, and Connie for helping out with dinner and clean up! Connie also made me some sweet little bath melts and home made soap as well!

You will be happy to hear I also indulged for my birthday with a spoonful of Mac and cheese and later, a slice of delicious chocolate cake my brother bought me 😋 Now I need to get back on track, yet there’s a whole cake yet to eat. Cake anyone??

Cake, beautiful flowers and gift cards to Spa Finder from my bro and PF Chang’s from my oldest son.

My birthday was a weekend-long celebration 🎉 starting on Friday (my actual birthday) as Dave, Becky and I had a nice lunch at Dave’s favorite Italian place. I indulged again and had what they called cheese ravioli in marinara and topped with cheese and a side salad. After that, Becky (and Chris) surprised me with a massage and a facial! Wow!! That was awesome 👏🏻Becky got one too so even though we couldn’t get them together, we both got one. She got her facial first while I got my massage, then we switched. I felt so relaxed for the rest of the night! When I got home, David had bought me a gorgeous bouquet of roses and hydrangeas and a beautiful birthday card! Then Chris showed up and the four of us hung out, played pool and just had a nice relaxing time together.

Dave’s birthday card to me!

Saturday, we got going late, ran some errands after breakfast, and Dave took me to get replacement peppermint oil and a new purse. I’m a simple gal, I don’t buy $300 purses lucky for him. I got mine at Ross and it will do me just fine. Then he took me to my favorito Mexican restaurante Los Vaqueros and I had Pescada Veracruz! 😋 Yummy again. I’m going to have to go on a diet very soon!


So, all in all, it was a fabulous birthday weekend, including about 100 people that said HappyBirthday to me here and on Facebook, thanks yall, you really know how to make a girl feel special! “Sniff” again. 🥲

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