Writing Prompts

Pretty Day

The day was too pretty not to get out and walk a bit, visit with neighbors or play bocce ball!

I almost didn’t go, because it was cool and windy, but the sun was shining and I need exercise, so off I went up the hill about an hour after the matches started.

Luckily, I was used as a fill-in and paired up with Diane, a new player in the group. We were the green team and once again, we won! Not that it’s a competitive sport, mind you, but a social game. (Snicker) To some of us, it’s a competition-albeit a friendly one. We laugh a lot, and everyone says we play by Picacho rules. I wonder if when we move to the new park if we’ll be playing by Rancho El Mirage rules. 🤣😂

Brandy and I took a walk before lunchtime, and I saw a friend at the dog park, so we hung out to talk a while, Brandy pulling at me to go home the whole time. Whiskey hasn’t walked since this morning. I’m so afraid she is going to get so fat I can’t lift her onto the bed at night! Maybe after dinner.

A new neighbor’s awesome antenna.

On the way home, I stopped by this new neighbor’s house to inquire about his antenna. My husband is interested in something like this because our tv reception is still awful. He said it solved all of his problems and he got it for pretty low price on Amazon. Stay tuned, I bet we have one before long!

Writing Prompts

Bocce Ball Baby!

We tried something new together today and it was fun!

The rules were pretty simple, the company was fabulous, and the important thing was, we did it together!

The more people we meet, the more we like them because they are all so nice and fun to be around. ☺️

Although we separated into teams and kept score, we were not being competitive or mean, it was considered a “social event” and that’s fine with me. We met some new couples too and learned more about the community. You know it’s a great place when so many people either live here year round, or part-time in the park models, or are people like us that travel but want to return year after year. Maybe we will too, I can see becoming super close to some of these fine folks we are meeting.

Bocce ball is sort of like shuffleboard but with heavy balls about the size of a grapefruit. I don’t know what they are made of, but they are as heavy as if you were using tiny bowling balls!

The rules are to get your team’s balls as close to the white ball (thrown at the start of each match) as possible. Here’s where it gets a little confusing to explain. Teams start with four players on each side, in our case it was four guys and four ladies. However, two guys on one side are paired with two ladies on the other, so the score is really red against green. Clear as mud? Yeah, I thought so.

The court. Dave and the other guys played at this end.

All the balls before the game started.
Dave taking the “walk of shame” (I had to too!)

They call it the walk of shame if you don’t make the white ball over the opposing side. We both did it once. 😂

The recent rain made the court wrinkle up…there was another court that was smooth, we just happened to set up on this one.

Dave taking his shot.

So Dave, Gary, Erma, and I were on one team, but the guys were at one end and we were on the other. Also on our side were Linda and Agnes. The other guys were Chuck and Bill. The guys started first and all of them get to roll all their balls. Then it was our turn, and Erma and I were red. The green team won the first game and red won the second. It was cold up there on the hill and I forgot my jacket, so I went home after that. It was windy really, but at 62 degrees, that made it quite cool. I was in shin-length leggings and a long t-shirt with short sleeves. What was I thinking? 🤣

All in all, it was fun, it was a little exercise (including the walk up and back) so that plus my nature walk and two walks back and forth to the dog park was enough to close my rings today. I’ve closed them every day this week, so it is getting too easy, I need to adjust my distance. I’m never going to climb that mountain until I get more fit.

Along the nature walk, I snapped some pics of various cactus used for the landscaping around the park.

Stick chollo, big and small, not sure what the smooth, phallic-looking cacti is called, giant saguaro, a cactus garden, and a very spiny version I also don’t know the name of, but I like them all! Almost all the sites and park models have their own cactus gardens. To me they are all beautiful and fascinating.