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WOD Challenge 04-01-21 Puter Problems


I am beyond frustrated this morning as I continue to experience problems on my computer!

How can I get my “homework” done for my transcription class if the time stamps won’t behave as they are supposed to and line up in the left margin??

My instructor then sent me an accurate depiction of what causes these problems so I could fix it, but Word won’t open her file!!!


I’m about ready to toss the whole thing in the front yard and say, “Forget it!!”

Why does everything have to be such a pain in the neck?? I only have so much time in a day to work on this stuff, I really don’t have time to mess with this nonsense, but I have to figure it out, or I won’t be able to progress!

I sent her another email to let her know I can’t look at the changes, we will see what happens.

In the meantime, go have a look at today’s post for the April A to Z Challenge, while I go construct tomorrow’s post.

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Writing, Writing Prompts

One-Liner Wednesday-Mocha?

It’s time for Linda G Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday

I told my hairdresser “marrones” not maroon!! 🤣

I know you probably can’t tell in the photo, but my hair is a violet red color. I had asked the hairdresser to go darker and my thought was mocha, as in chocolate brown. Marrones is Spanish for brown, but to her mocha is evidently dark red-which she translated to violet-red. Anyway, that was Monday and she offered to “fix” it for me, but I loved the color so much I told her not to worry about it. It will, however, take a few washings to get the red scalp to go away!

It is cold, rainy, wet, and getting colder by the minute. What a good day to stay in and work on office stuff. I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to sell my other website…

But then, I tell myself, when I’m done with my transcription course and I get ready to market myself as a transcriptionist, won’t I still need one? Should I scrap the old and make a brand new website or keep the one I have and rename it yet again? What do yall think I should do?

My other issue that needs attention is that when I got ready to do my next practice tape, my pedal wasn’t working and I need to figure out if its the pedal or my transcription software acting up.

My office needs organizing already, don’t know if I’ll get around to that, I also have a Diamond Art project begging to be worked on. 😉

I have been neglecting my writing and my practice, so I really have my work cut out for me today. Luckily, supper is made so I have no worries there, save possibly adding a salad. Yesterday, I made soup from our leftover turkey, but the rice swelled in it and it looks more like a casserole than soup, lol. Still, it was edible. 😉

Happy Wednesday everyone or Feliz Mercoles!


One-Liner Wednesday