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Eliot’s Silas Marner

Our copy of the book


How many of you have read Eliot’s Silas Marner?

How many of you knew that Eliot was really a woman?

Mary Ann Evans aka George Eliot


Yep, her name was Mary Ann Evans and George Eliot was her pen name. I looked her up and what’s humorous about that is, the more she aged, the more she kind of looked like a man too! Anyway, she was born in 1819 and died in 1880 in London.

We recently acquired a copy of this classic when we took a few things from Dave’s mom’s house, along with a box of ancient letters we will have to some day go through. It’s tiny and old, so old that I’m scared to turn the pages. I want to read it, but I think I’ll find an eBook or library book and keep this one in tact.

I was curious to see how much it its worth, let me just say…too bad it’s not a first edition…that would make it VERY valuable. This is small enough to fit in a purse, the copyright is 1899 by The MacMillan Company. It has hand written notes in the very front and back, like maybe the students who read it before made their notations in each class, yet the writing is cursive and very small, so it’s hard for me to read.

Do any of you have knowledge of this book? Did you have to read it in school? Tell me all about it, I’m very curious!

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Multiple Prompts Story 20 July 2018-Girls On The Court

Today I bring to you a multiple word prompt story from 3TC and WOD called Girls On the Court. I hope you like it.

Girls on the Court

photo credit: Unsplash by Adam Le Sommer

Stephen was always one of those kids in middle school who thought girls belonged in pretty dresses and did arts or something while the boys were the ones to excel at sports. He soon discovered that was not always the case. In his junior year of high school he met Samantha, she went by Sam for short. She didn’t always where a dress but sometimes, she wore those shorts with the many layers of lace which showed off her beautiful, long legs. Sam was a tall girl, very athletic, and one afternoon Stephen came upon her and several other girls playing basketball. ‘Oh my God’, he thought, ‘look at all those talented, gorgeous girls doing layups, making baskets right and left. This is fantastic!’ His eyes twinkled with mirth, but he didn’t let Sam see that…or so he thought. Sam had been checking him out since his arrival on the court and had been doing some showing off. Suddenly, she pulled the girls into a huddle and asked them if they were cool with Stephen joining their game. They agreed and Sam crooked a finger at Stephen. “Wanna play?” What a joyful discovery this was to learn that girls could excel at sports too! “I thought you’d never ask” he replied with a mischievous grin.