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FOTD Challenge-Rose

I thought I would post a picture of my rose(s) before they fade (which happens almost overnight) as part of Cee’s Flower Of The Day Challenge.

These roses were already here when we moved in almost 4 years ago (gosh has it been that long already?!) and I don’t even know the name of them. The leaves are not pretty, the thorns are long, and the plant as a whole seems to form ugly clusters that brown and shrivel up. So, I have to catch the rose in the very beginning, before it’s temporary beauty is gone. Enjoy 🙂

From my corner garden

If anyone knows the name of these kinds of roses, let me know. I’ve lost one plant completely and trimmed the others back to the start over point, we’ll see how they do this year. If they are diseased or just never going to be pretty, I may consider removing them and plant a whole new variety.