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Welcome to My New Blog

A new name and tagline has been chosen!

After querying my readers about my new blog name, a couple of you said it sounded perfect, and that was good enough for me! So what better time than now to talk about it, especially since it’s cold and rainy and we are sort of stuck inside.

The idea with this new blog is to share stories and pictures from all the great places we plan on visiting.
Now what I need to know is, do you want me to just stick with that, or still do challenges-like Word of the Day, SoCS, and others?

Monday will be our first week as newbie RVers and was meant to be a practice run to learn what this new life would be like. We’ve learned a few things, like how to operate the washer/dryer combo, how to hook up to water, electric and sewer connections, and get an idea of the costs associated with propane, diesel, and groceries.

It’s been a pretty calm and quiet week, so perfect for practicing. Unfortunately, weather and our pets prevented us from doing much, but that will change, I’m sure, when we get to the next destination. We plan to stop in Van Horn, Tx for the first overnight, then Deming, New Mexico for the next night, then the final leg will end in Tucson, Arizona where we’ll stay for three and a half months.

It should be an exciting journey as with all kinds of new photo ops, but for now, I’ll leave off with a couple more from the River here in Junction, Tx.

I have three different club memberships, and plenty of Facebook forums to ask pertinent questions, but feel free to pipe in with advice and suggestions you might have from your own experiences. I bring all my present blogger friends and welcome newbies-with or without experience-at life on the road in a motor home.

(Photos from The Llano River taken by yours truly) 😘