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No Plans – SoCS

It’s a cloudy, muggy day so far and other than watching golf, we have no particular agenda. I guess I’ll tackle Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt for today: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “stick.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Have fun! HERE are the rules & ping back. Join us if you can.

Maybe I’ll stick around here and work on craft projects like macramé air plant holders for friends that will be visiting later next month. Or make some anklets from macramé and beads.

David fed me donut and half a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant for breakfast, so I definitely need to fit some exercise in somewhere! I wanted to go ride our bikes, yet rain is eminent…so they say. It’s always dicey trying to predict what’s going to happen here on the pond.

Yesterday, we gave fishing another try off the bulkhead, but nothing was biting but the crabs, who ate all our shrimp!

At least the water was gorgeous, the wind kept us moderately cool, and Dave brought the speaker, so we had our jams to listen to. We also saw three massive ships 🚢 sail through.

Looking across the ship channel at Aransas Terminal Company-Harbor Island.

See the edge of the bulkhead in the bottom lower left of the picture? Believe it or not, some guy was surfing the waves that one of the massive ships created! Had I known he was going to be there and do that, I’d have stuck my fishing pole somewhere and taken a video! I couldn’t believe it! Ya really had to be there! People are crazy…or crazy skilled, idk.

After we gave up on the fishing, we drove down the beach, which looked the same as the day before, and there are already tons of people there. All seemed to be flying beautiful kites of all kinds, waving flags or banners announcing different teams or groups, and Jeep after Jeep clubs were lined up all the way down the beach. Guess if we were part of the Jeep community, we’d have known, but at least we don’t have to have Jeep envy! We have one! I have a total of three ducks btw, if anyone cares. 🤣

Just look at all the kites! These two pics are just a small example.

If you expand the picture, you can see them in more detail.

I just came up with an idea, kill two birds and such. I Can make the trek to the Art Center, a place I’d rather visit than Dave, and leave the golf watching to him. 😁 Right after I finish the laundry. 🙄