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#JusJoJan & WOD 01-14-21

I live in a court and hardly know any of my neighbors, contrary to the glowing reviews the former owner said about them. “Oh, this is a great neighborhood!” Is what she said and told me tales of how friendly and helpful they all were to her. I have gone out of my way to wave, talk to, and share with a few of my neighbors, but they remain kind, yet non-committal.

When we lived in Southeast Tx, we knew lots of our neighbors and even had good relationships with some of them. Same in our old neighborhood the first time we lived in NRH, and also in Haltom City. Maybe it’s because this neighborhood is mostly older people, set in their ways. I still try, regardless. A few of them know I’m here if they need me. All I can do is be neighborly myself and hope one day it’s reciprocated. We all just need to try a little tenderness, right?!

To be fair, me and my neighbors to the right have had more interaction than the rest, we shared the cost of a fence between our yards, and we share goodies at the holidays with each other. The neighbor two doors to the left brings in my recycling can sometimes and I’ve gone out to chat with him, met his wife, and hope to go to dinner one night together. They share common interests but our timing is never right. Someday! I took her some treats at Christmas and she gave me an old cushion she had made for her fireplace and Dave modified it to fit ours! It’s not finished but it works for now. I thought that was very sweet of her!

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