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WOD Challenge 02-10-21 Cold Persistence

Well, it’s cold here and it’s going to get really cold soon! As in low in the single digits! That is unusual for my neck of the woods hills.

The word persistent applies to me this cold and dreary day, as in, I am still slogging through my course because I am determined to finish it so I can get some paying work!

Homepage of Transcribe Anywhere

I am persistent in getting through my Spanish course so I can not only read it, but habla it is well.

My progress on Duolingo

I am persistent because I want to write on another pub on Medium, so I asked why I hadn’t been added as a writer yet.

Homepage on Medium

Yesterday, I could not be more persistent as I tried to find my medication at a lower/discounted price. I lost on that one. Seems my insurance says we have to have met our deductible to get the lowest rates on our prescriptions. 😦 Since we are well, thank God, that will be a long time coming. So I have to suck it up or relent and just take Tylenol. I think I’ll suck it up because even with a nasty side effect or two, this medicine is helping my arthritis, I’d really like to keep it that way. I even tried GoodRX but no dice there either. They are the same or more than my insurance.

Well, stay warm and be careful, wherever you are in the world. Peace out!

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