WOD Challenge 5-4-20 Hard-Headed Pool Players

Buenas dias y feliz Lunes!


My husband claimed I was very hard-headed this past Friday night as we played pool, just because I would not use the bridge; an aid (tool) that helps you reach the cue ball when you are in a tight spot, or short, like me. I guess he is right, I have to try my best and I’m kind of stubborn when it comes to asking for or taking help. My dad is the same way. There have been many shots he would have made without a problem, had he just used the bridge…especially because of his tremor, which makes ANY shot difficult. He is amazing as a pool player with Parkinson’s, yet if he would use the helper every once in a while, he might not ever miss a shot.

For those of you who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, I included this instructional video. 😉

What is it about us that we are so stubborn? What is wrong with a little assisitance every now and then? Maybe it’s because we are fiercely independent by nature, stubbornly refusing we need any help at all, as if we have something to prove. I don’t know what makes us like that, we just are. And I don’t think it’s just us, I think it’s true of most humans. In my case, being short I have had to prove my self to everyone all of my life, which may explain my stubborn streak, as for Dad, maybe it’s the engineer side of him that makes him that way. He has always had an analytical mind, he is still pretty sharp at 85. I am allowed to help him more than ever these days, but what he can still control, he wants to. That may explain his stubbornness.

Dad at my house playing pool with me and my brother, Kevin

At home, our bridge is very light and easy to use but Dad’s is heavy. I offered to trade ours with his, thinking maybe he would use it more often if he had the easier to handle bridge, but he refused. Now THAT is hard-headed! LOL


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