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WOD Challenge 05-16-21 Not Amused

Last night we went to long time twin friends Gary and Shari Duffek’s birthday party. I took a pretty good video of Gary singing “Family Tradition” with his entertainment for the night-I believe it was his nephew and a friend, however, I was not amused to find that some pics I attempted to take did not turn out at all!

The video won’t play, so here’s the birthday boy in the middle

One was too dark, and two others had this weird halo effect that happens when you move a bit.

Acquaintances Bryan and Jill

We had a good time anyway, visiting with friends and acquaintances we made on a trip we took to Granbury, and others we met at Bass Camp. The birthday girl looked stunning for 61 and I had to ask as she passed by me in her clingy, form-fitting summer dress, “Do you live in the gym?!” to which she replied that she hadn’t stepped foot in the gym since two years ago. She has had the kind of two years that I had in 2017. I don’t know how she maintains that bod, but color me impressed!

I’m sorry I have no pictures of her, the thought didn’t cross my mind until it was too late, and as you see, I wasn’t doing a good job with the camera anyway. ☺️