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WOD Challenge 09-09-21 Cabin Fever

You guys, this prompt came at the perfect time!

You have to know I’m getting cabin fever! I go nowhere and today, Becky is coming so i can go have a treatment with my Airrosti therapist. My shoulder is aggravated again, I’m not doing my exercises like I should, although I do at least try to get the stretches in every day. If she has time to stay a bit, I’m going to also try to go get my hair cut, and run a couple of errands.

Ugh, I do not know why my editor on my iPad is not working right! Its so aggravating when I’m going fast and I look up and it has not caught up with me and/ or there are typos everywhere, because the auto correction isn’t working! Grrrr!

Other than going to dinner with Dave last Thursday, I haven’t been out of this house! On top of that, I woke up tired today and had a hard time getting going, but now everything is done- laundry, breakfast, dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, bathroom duties done, meds given, and Dad is napping in his chair.

I hope the doctor doesn’t yell at me, lol. Its not as bad as it was last weekend, at least I’m taking the muscle relaxers every night. They are light, and so far, once i get Dad in bed every night, he doesn’t try to get up and leave his room. That’s a load off my mind. And, he is really doing much better with physical therapy. Since the therapists only come once a week, its up to me to help him keep up the exercises. I hope he isn’t too sore to do them today, he worked super hard yesterday!

Well, it’s time to go, so I’ll report back later how it all went! Have a good day everyone!

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