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A Common Thread WOD Challenge 11-19-20

Good morning, and happy Thursday everyone!

Seems to me the word of the day is the theme of the week around here-healing!

First, the great news is that my Uncle Tony is home again and his healing is well under way! After a scary 24 hours following a heart cath, he got another round of dialysis and physical therapy and was finally discharged last night, Praise the Lord!!

On the other side of the world, here at home, my dad has been experiencing severe back pain that we are pretty sure is the result of the long car ride to Mississippi there and back. At first, we thought it was another kidney infection, so I took him to his regular doctor and he figured out it was his back, not his kidney, and gave him the appropriate treatment plan and medication. His healing may take a bit, due to his age and other issues, but we are attending to him and helping around his house so he can rest and relax those tight muscles.

And on a broader scope, I guess the country is healing (or trying to) as another surge in COVID cases threatens to shut everything down again. What an emotional time its been and a difficult time for all. I pray the healing continues, everyone gets well, and the damage to bodies, minds, and spirits can be repaired and we as a nation do not lose hope.

As for me, I am just trying my best to carry on as usual, take care of my people and myself and not lose my mind in the process. Maybe a new diamond art project would help! I found a cute one for a very good price that would make a good Christmas present for my grand daughter! 

Have a wonderful weekend my glorious friends! Good health to you as well!


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