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What’s That White Stuff Falling From the Sky?

My friend’s daughter Brandi and her baby Luke in Poolville

At a friend’s in Granbury

At Becky’s mom’s house in Granbury

All morning I have been seeing on social media how everyone in the surrounding area, like Grandbury, Arlington, and Poolville, have snow on the ground while us hot little things in North Richland Hills are being denied.

So, we went about our business of watching online church, preparing Sunday dinner — a cheesy chicken casserole— and pretty much figured we weren’t going to get anything. Then, for a few moments, we were treated to what I thought was an illusion at first, then I realized it really was flakes coming down. For now, it has stopped, but they say we have a chance until 6pm.


I guess intermittent flakes and small snow showers are better than nothing. Besides, I want David home with me, and if it snowed enough to cause problems, he might have to go into work. So for that reason, I’m fine with no snow. It is pretty to look at, but I’m a beach kind of girl, so I prefer sand to snow anyway! 😎


Brought to you by the prompt words cheese and illusion.

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