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W.O.T.D 10-13-21 Circle of Friends

Last night, in the middle of dinner, our dogs alerted us to someone at the door. It was my sweet neighbor, Peggy with a gift of a decorated pumpkin!

Beautiful painted pumpkin.

She left a brochure, and when I looked at it later, I learned the pumpkin was created by volunteers (of which her daughter is one) at the North Texas Circle of Friends who create and sell these pumpkins as part of a fundraiser to help kids with cancer! Isn’t that fabulous?

I went to their website to read all about the 501(c)3 organization, looking to see if they matched contributions or anything, but found instead this picture on their website of all the members wearing matching hats! Too cute!

Circle of Friends Members

I was so blessed to recieve one of these gorgeous pumpkins, knowing that it also went to a good cause. Bless you, Peggy and your daughter too!

If you would like to learn more about Circle of Friends, or purchase a raffle ticket to win a Thanksgiving pumpkin, go to http://www.ntcircleoffriends.com. and go to the fundraiser section. I thought this was such a wonderful idea, I wanted to share for my friend and her daughter. If I had time, I would go volunteer myself!!