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WOD Challenge-12-10-19 Ocean

Word of the Day Challenge

My Happy Place

Anyone who knows me, knows the ocean is my happy place. Collecting shells, fishing, or just kicking back with a beverage and watching the waves roll in one after another…brings me a satisfaction like nothing else can. Why is this I’ve often wondered? Is it because I was born near the ocean? Because I am a Pisces and therefore a water sign? Or is it that I never really appreciated the ocean until the honeymoon my husband and I got to take a short while after we were married? I’m not really sure, but what I am sure of is that the ocean is where I want to be once we’ve both “retired” (as if anyone ever retires anymore right?) I wouldn’t even mind if we stayed here but had a home to run to at the coast whenever we wanted. If that home is a rolling one, that’s ok too. Just get me to the beach!



Not flattering, but me feeling at one with the ocean