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WOD Challenge-11-6-19-Foggy

Word of the Day Challenge

The Woods

The fog in the woods was dense

Making travel through intense

We picked and we prodded

Saw the clearing and applauded

Then the fog cleared to reveal all the tents.


I was was going to talk about our ooogie, foggy weather yesterday-then found this pic on Unsplash and the limerick just wrote itself in my head. 😊

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A Limerick for Lady-The Word of the Day Prompt


There once was a lady named Kim

Who could change her mind on a whim

She thought she might cook, but then read a book

And ended up down at the gym.

Word of the Day Challenge


A silly limerick today based on the truth that is my life. One minute I’m in one room doing something and the next, I might be at the other end of the house distracted by a thought that just occurred to me. Alas, it’s a wonder I ever get anything done some days!