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WOD Challenge 8-1-22 Lazy Limerick

Ivan Ileksic for Unsplash

There once was held a delegation

Concerning the upcoming oration

Detailing one’s future education.

The powers that be

Claimed school should be free

Thus the vote on the floor was affirmation!

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WOD Challenge 08-10-21

Photo credit:Unsplash

The Skater

There once was a man named Grizzle

Who’s beard couldn’t be cut with a chisel

He lived in the marsh

But was his life harsh?

When it was icy, he’d be perfecting his twizzle!

Don’t know what a twizzle is? It’s a multirotational, one-foot turn that moves across the ice in the sport of figure skating! 😉

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JusJoJan & WOD 01-19-21 City

I once went into the city
To get some shoes-they were pretty
Winklepickers they were though
Made my feet sore, you might know
Too pointy, and also itty bitty!


Ha! This silly limerick was brought to you by Linda G Hill‘s JusJoJan prompt and Melanie B Cee’s Word of the Day prompt!

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WOD Challenge 3-17-20 There Once Was a Town Named Limerick

Jonathan Bowers for Unsplash

There once was a town named limerick,

Who’s crime was so bad it was sick

The town was wiped out

By virus and doubt

Now the air so polluted it’s thick.


(Totally a work of fiction, I’m sure this place is thriving just fine. 😉 )



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