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What Will You Write About Today? JusJoJan 1-6-20

What Will You Write About Today?

The possibilities are endless aren’t they? I mean, just think of all the ideas one could come up with in the realm of the writing world.

  1. Write a blog post or two
  2. Work on that short story rolling around in your head
  3. Pick a writing resource like these and write something for one of them
  4. Work on that novel you started but never finished
  5. Pen a poem, song, or bit of flash fiction
  6. Write a letter to a loved one
  7. Compose a business paper like a white paper, essay, or newsletter
  8. Help someone with their resume
  9. Take a class online and write notes
  10. Write your autobiography

Now that you have some ideas for Monday, what are you waiting for? Get busy!