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WOD-06-24-19-Similar-Same As Yesterday

Haley Lawrence for a Unsplash

Same as Yesterday

I hate to say that I’m in pain

Similar to what I felt yesterday

The day before was much the same

If I don’t get relief soon

I’ll go insane!


Just a little diddy from a very irritated me this morning, sorry to start off on a sour note this morning folks, but I’ve been dealing with an out of place back since last Thursday night, I missed work Friday, sat around all weekend on muscle relaxers and pain pills, moving around as much as I could tolerate, then woke up at the crack of dawn today, STILL in pain. đŸ˜¦

I guess I was hoping that with all the “relaxation” methods I’ve been employing, I would feel fine today. or it would have moved back into place…in fact, yesterday started out great, I had gained relief, and was moving around pain free. Then I bent to put something in to the linen closet and POP!!! There it went out again. I’m very frustrated, I’ve tried everything from heat to ice, pain and muscle relaxers, herbs and essential oils, exercise and swimming.

So I got up and madly dashed around the house this morning, thinking maybe movement would help, I’m tired of masking the pain with medication. It may be time to call a chiropractor or something so I’m not in this shape by Thursday when I have my knee surgery. UGH! Say a prayer for me please, and thanks for letting me vent. đŸ™‚