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Saying Goodbye

This is our last few days here. It’s bittersweet, y’all!

My friend Erma at Bunco tonight.

I’ve made such sweet friends here, this place is so beautiful and amazing that I almost hate to leave! They all want to know if we’re coming back next year and all I can say is I want to…someday. We promised ourselves that the first year we would cross off the many things on our bucket list. If it happens that we make our way back next year, I’d love to come back here.

I’ve been trying to cram in as many games, and visits with friends I’ve made here as I can this week, along with getting ourselves and our vehicles ready to make another trip Our steps won’t retract, so Dave has been working to fix it before the rain comes tomorrow, but the part he ordered from Amazon wasn’t the cure. It looks like the motor is fried, so we will have to make due until we get home. Luckily, we have a step stool we can use in the meantime 🤣

I have many of my friends in my phone so we can stay in touch, and some I’ve attached pics to. I took a picture of Diane at Bunco tonight, but she wouldn’t appreciate me sharing it, I’m sure, lol. She wasn’t exactly posing for the camera. 😂 You’ve probably seen many of my friends on the blog or on Facebook, but hopefully they don’t mind if I share again.

Maria and Mike at a Bingo and dinner event.

Maria is so kind and helpful to everyone she meets, and Mike is kinda shy til you get to know him, but he’s a very sweet guy. I’m happy they have become such great friends. We also spend lots of time with Mike and Beverly, Ken and Diane, Pat and Becky, and of course, Darcy…but I don’t have a picture of him to share as of yet.

You already know just how much I love this mountain because I can’t stop taking pictures of it, as well as all the beautiful things that grow in the desert. I never dreamed I’d love it this much. I’ve started new hobbies, I’ve learned new crafts, and played new games. This place and this lifestyle have nurtured my love for the great outdoors, and making new friends and sharing dreams and ideas is just the icing on the cake!

Mike and Bev at that same dinner/bingo event. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten the other gentleman’s name!

I wish I’d have met Karl and Donna sooner, and I wish I’d have taken her picture, but it has been such a pleasure meeting them and learning so much from him about the treasures the desert holds. Here we are coming back from our epic trip to the far side of the peak.

My first ride in an ATV. Thanks, Erma for the great pic!

So anyway, I shall not say goodbye, but “See you again someday!” Because I feel certain we’ll be back if not next year, probably the next!