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Saying Goodbye

This is our last few days here. It’s bittersweet, y’all!

My friend Erma at Bunco tonight.

I’ve made such sweet friends here, this place is so beautiful and amazing that I almost hate to leave! They all want to know if we’re coming back next year and all I can say is I want to…someday. We promised ourselves that the first year we would cross off the many things on our bucket list. If it happens that we make our way back next year, I’d love to come back here.

I’ve been trying to cram in as many games, and visits with friends I’ve made here as I can this week, along with getting ourselves and our vehicles ready to make another trip Our steps won’t retract, so Dave has been working to fix it before the rain comes tomorrow, but the part he ordered from Amazon wasn’t the cure. It looks like the motor is fried, so we will have to make due until we get home. Luckily, we have a step stool we can use in the meantime 🤣

I have many of my friends in my phone so we can stay in touch, and some I’ve attached pics to. I took a picture of Diane at Bunco tonight, but she wouldn’t appreciate me sharing it, I’m sure, lol. She wasn’t exactly posing for the camera. 😂 You’ve probably seen many of my friends on the blog or on Facebook, but hopefully they don’t mind if I share again.

Maria and Mike at a Bingo and dinner event.

Maria is so kind and helpful to everyone she meets, and Mike is kinda shy til you get to know him, but he’s a very sweet guy. I’m happy they have become such great friends. We also spend lots of time with Mike and Beverly, Ken and Diane, Pat and Becky, and of course, Darcy…but I don’t have a picture of him to share as of yet.

You already know just how much I love this mountain because I can’t stop taking pictures of it, as well as all the beautiful things that grow in the desert. I never dreamed I’d love it this much. I’ve started new hobbies, I’ve learned new crafts, and played new games. This place and this lifestyle have nurtured my love for the great outdoors, and making new friends and sharing dreams and ideas is just the icing on the cake!

Mike and Bev at that same dinner/bingo event. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten the other gentleman’s name!

I wish I’d have met Karl and Donna sooner, and I wish I’d have taken her picture, but it has been such a pleasure meeting them and learning so much from him about the treasures the desert holds. Here we are coming back from our epic trip to the far side of the peak.

My first ride in an ATV. Thanks, Erma for the great pic!

So anyway, I shall not say goodbye, but “See you again someday!” Because I feel certain we’ll be back if not next year, probably the next!

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A Perfectly Perfect Birthday

What a great day it has been here at Picacho Peak RV Resort!

It was 75 degrees, breezy at times, with minimal plans, so this morning I slept in til 7am and read in bed until I wanted coffee. Finished all my blog and email reading, at breakfast and caught the last 30 minutes of church. (I can’t get used to their time change) Washed a small load of laundry here at home, and at lunch I had some leftover soup and cheese nips since we had dinner plans with Mike and Bev.

At two I went and played bocce ball. We played two rounds and it was hot up on the hill, so I went home after that. Hung out a while until it was time to go to our friend’s house where we roasted weiners over a small fire pit. I had never done that before, so it was fun! Mike and Dave told stories and Bev and I shared pictures and talked about kids and grandkids. She made sides and brownies for dessert, then after learning it was my birthday, packed up 4 to take home and gave me a bd card with one of her custom painted prints! What a perfect day!

Roasting hot dogs over the fire pit.

What a special gift! It’s been a beautiful day with awesome people! On the way home, we ran into Karl, who almost ran over us in his golf cart, lol. He is the guy I’ve been hanging out with learning the tricks to rock tumbling. He’s taking me to the mine on the other side of the peak tomorrow to look for geodes. I’m so pumped about that!

Then Ken and Diane walked out of their house while we were talking. They are another couple we are friends with who are also going to be in Port Aransas while we are there. I can’t wait to meet up with them when we get there. We like this place a lot and have made some wonderful people I want to stay connected with.

Bev’s print she made into a greeting card.

Most of the friends we’ve made here either live here year round, or are going home to their home states in the north. Montana, Oregon, and Mike and Bev are going to Ohio. I really hope we run into each and every one of them somewhere down the road. If not, we shall return to Picacho in the future! Maybe next year, maybe not. We still have so much on our bucket list!! Remember, we’re just getting started! ☺️

Yesterday’s steps.
Today’s steps up to 7:30pm.
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Yesterday’s Nature Walk

The poppies are blooming on the mountain ☺️

After the craft fair and lunch I took off in my shorts and sandals for a nature walk near the mountain.

I figured that was one way to get the bloat off and I had that too full feeling, plus, I wanted to see what was blooming on the mountain that we could see all the way from the highway. I found out from a friend here in the park, Irma, that they are poppies! I didn’t know poppies could also be yellow!

A close up of some in the field.

I should have thought more about my attire as I bolted for the hills, walking sandals probably wasn’t the best choice as rocky as the terrain is there. I managed it though. I followed the roads the workers have cut for the new development in the back of the park. As I neared the fields of the foothills, I was amazed how green everything has become! Then again, we’ve had an unusual amount of rain since we’ve been here. In fact, it rained again early this morning for about an hour and a half.

I stuck to the road at the very back of the park, that leads around to the State Park I believe. I didn’t dare go any further than where I could still see motor homes and park models. Even with that, I walked around 3 miles or more, but my fitness tracker did not start tracking until the halfway mark of my trek.

In the field facing the RV Resort way down the hill.

The poppies had exploded over this field which also is home to gnarled saguaro, cholló, and desert scrub of some kind. My nose and eyes were running so bad, I could barely see the rocks under my feet, much less look for a good one to add to my small collection. I pushed on.

See the barbed wire? I dared not cross it in my sandals.

The closer I got to the mountains the greener things got, and the poppies covered the area. I wanted badly to go across and nose around, but being alone, I knew it was unwise. No one knew where I was, so if I got hurt or stranded in any way, I’d be in trouble. As it was, I had a hard time finding my way back, because there was no clear cut through from where I was. I was persistent, however, and found a way through a field and across a small gully. That led me back to the development road which I followed around to the park, and eventually, the pool. No, I didn’t get in, but sat and grabbed with Irma for a while in the warm, wonderful sunshine before the eminent storm.

No ranch anymore. Just a sign and old mailbox.

I tried to find information on this old landmark, but found only more pictures others had taken just like mine!

I also took picture of Tucson’s Mt Lemmon with its snow capped peaks.

You can see it off in the distance as well as a train so long I couldn’t see the end or the beginning.

The white roof to the right of the giant saguaro is the Ostrich Ranch! From our site in the park it’s about a 20 minute walk, but only to the back of the ranch. You must enter from the front, accessible by car, ATVs, or a golf cart. By now, my knee was griping at me to finish up, so I snapped a few more pics and made my way back.

I cut through this field and wound my way back to the park.

I have always been the type to strike out on my own and walk wherever I want. I know it’s reckless, but I’m a stubborn sort. When I feel the urge, need to blow off steam, or just want to go exploring, that’s what I do! I remember once in the service, I got angry while out at a nightclub and simply left and started walking back to base. It was night and probably 5 miles away, but I was pissed and didn’t care. I was picked up by a trucker, but that’s a story for another day. Yeah, reckless, that’s me.

More poppies popping up along the roadside.

Yesterday the temps reached a warm 72 degrees and today it’s partly cloudy or sunny, however you want to look at it and currently 50 degrees. I’ve not been out to walk as of yet. 🤣😂 Shame on me!
I love this park and this area of Arizona. I’ve heard that Sedona is so much more beautiful, but the beauty I see here inspired me to write another poem on my Substack pub called Bedtime Snacks. You can read that here.

This unsolicited post was brought to you by me, I hope you enjoyed the nature walk! Happy Sunday everyone!

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Picacho Peak State Park

We finally took that hike I’ve been dying to go on today!

We decided to do the short, moderate trail today, it’s called the Calloway Trail.

We were both wearing tennis shoes and only had a bottle of water each, but did ok.

It’s going to be difficult to explain exactly where we were on the mountain without a trail map, but I’ll share the few pics that would load today and the best selfie we’ve taken since we got here. I took some, Dave took some, but other than where we were, concentrate on the differences in the trail topography. Some places were smooth, some had built in steps, and others were rocky, slippery, and/or steep.

Not the peak, but a good climb nonetheless.
Dave posing near a palo verde tree.

At one point I pause to catch my breath and take a drink, so I took this pic of Dave and he took one of me.

Still on the easy part of the trail.

Actually, this was the first pic he took of me.

I must be allergic to the cottony stuff that comes off the cholla cactus or something because the whole hike, I dealt with my eyes and nose pouring. Thankfully, Dave had a folded paper towel in his pocket. Every time I walk around the resort, or walk the dogs, the same thing happens.

Still not the peak, that’s a different, more difficult hike.

The terrain was rocky or gravelly all the way, nothing to grab but rocks (or cactus) so you had to be very careful. Along the way we thought of everything we need for the next hike. Backpacks or Fanny packs, Kleenex, extra water, wear our hiking boots, and snacks so I don’t get shaky. I guess I was hungry when we started because I was ravenous when we got back!

King of the hill here. I think it’s a great pic of Dave.
Closer to to hill I took a picture of at the start.

Saguaro cactus dots the entire mountain and foothills, as well as palo verde, some kind of sage, and many varieties of cacti. They say this is the site of the most western conflict of the Civil War. Can you imagine having to fight the enemy while fighting these elements!

The end of the trail and the scenic overlook. Our RV site is down there somewhere!

It’s gorgeous up there, and I will have some work to do before I’m ready for the big trail that goes to the top of the peak. I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow just after today’s hike, but what great exercise it was! So far, my knee is not swollen, so that’s a plus!

There were so many pics in between, but they never would load, so I’ll have to post them later. Here is the state park pamphlet you get upon entrance. And, because I’m a vet with a partial disability, we got in for half price and I got my park pass card that will get me in to all the state parks around the US.

One of my favorite pics on the way back. I love the natural rock formations.

The trail leads up between the greenery there, then back down before leveling off again. While we were at the top, Dave took a really good selfie of us with saguaro as a backdrop.

Dave and I at the top of the trail.

Since there are mountains all around us, almost any shot we take around the resort has a mountain range in it. I want to see them all, but we will fit in what we can. I’d also like to visit a spot with a lake, there are many around, just none real close.

Coming back down I got a good shot featuring the mountain range across the freeway from us.

One Dave took somewhere along the trail. See the camping spots lower down the hill?

A cool rock formation I just had to get.

That’s a big rock! On the way out and back to the Jeep, I snapped this shot.

A great map showing where we are in relation to Tucson.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the hike along with us. I will have to increase my walks and get my legs stronger so I can do the three-mile hike. We have one more really warm day before the weather turns cold and rainy again. Wonder what we’ll do tomorrow?!

Stay tuned!