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WOD Challenge 08-09-21

I had a laundry list of tasks to do today.

One job was to get the next installment of a 5-part series I’m writing on Medium on the publication Write to Inspire. (Click the link for Part 1) Check!

Actual laundry. Check!

Write a poem and submit it to another publication on Medium called The Bad Influence. Check! (although it may not be the right fit for them, we’ll see.)

I also write for Boomerangs, a relatively new publication on Medium. It’s a safe place for all Baby Boomers to write whatever they want. I have a couple of posts on that one. Look here! If you read the story and click on the follow link next to my name, or the publication’s name, you can follow either or both!

Blog… in progress.

Learn how to make spreadsheets…that may take a little while.

But I had a vision, you see. Utilize the time I have to the best of my ability. Create a to-do list and actually see it through.

I have more items on the list, some boring that I already did – like my daily Spanish lesson. A particular garden task…1/3 of the way done on that.

Since my time is not always my own, this is how I tackle everything from daily chores to side hustles. I applied for side projects on Appen, however, they are slow to respond. No project to do yet. But I checked anyway.

Being broke with no money coming in, I am always on the hunt for jobs and projects I can do from home. Writing on Medium and other platforms gives me a chance to make a few pennies, or dollars if I do it regularly. I’m trying to write more so my chances increase. I suppose I could do one of those food delivery service jobs, since you make your own hours, but Dave does not want me to.

The last thing on my list is to practice my transcription project and that is the one I procrastinate the most. I’d rather do the creative stuff, like write, do diamond art (no project ongoing at the moment), color, or keep looking for other writing opportunities, nut I will finish this course if it kills me!

What is your vision for the day?

Do you do side hustles? Let me know, I may get some good ideas from you that I haven’t thought of myself.

Who else do you write for, anyone?? I have not written for the magazine Therapeutic Thymes in a while, the next due date is Oct. 1-I need to put that on my radar.


Tomorrow I have a follow-up appt on my shoulder which has not improved after taking the prescribed muscle relaxers. They will probably have to take an x-ray to see what’s going on. Pray it won’t require surgery-maybe just physical therapy!

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