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Wrapping Up A Trying Week

Sometimes things work out in spite of it all.


This past week was a trying one, my husband was out of town on business, I had an appointment somewhere with my dad three days in a row, and one for myself on Friday. My dad has not been feeling well, so I have been especially attentive, trying to figure out what the problem is. On top of all that, my son, his girlfriend and her baby were due to spend the night with me Wednesday night so I could take him to court Thursday morning. Tuesday I worked a few hours and my writing got pushed aside with everything else going on.


Of course, my hubby and I talked every day on the phone, that helped me a bunch and I also slept better all week since he wasn’t here to snore me out of the room. (Sorry Honey) He said he did not sleep much while he was gone, due to the noise from the hotel, a strange bed, and his usual worrying about work stuff. Plus, he missed me and our doggies, Whiskey and Brandy. I’m not saying I didn’t miss him, I didn’t miss the noise that keeps me from sleeping, and I got to stay up as late as I wanted. I actually started watching a new series on Netflix called The Santa Clarita Diet, any Drew Barrymore fans out there would love this new dark comedy. I still managed to get up early and get things accomplished because the older you get, the less sleep you seem to need.

Monday, I took Dad to his church office for a reconciliation meeting with his priest. I think it is kind of like confession for those who can’t make it during regular confession times. Tuesday he had an appointment with his dermatologist and we hung out a little while afterwards, did his errands and some chores around the house. Wednesday is our “normal” day to hang out, do lunch and play pool all afternoon, but he was supposed to be going to the dentist. When he refused to go, I said “How about let’s go let the doctor check your ears.” See, he’s been feeling dizzy and tired since last Friday. Sure enough, he had a ton of wax in there and not only that, his pulse was low. He wears hearing aids and is constantly having this problem.  I felt like his low pulse might be caused by one of his new medications he has been taking for Parkinson’s Syndrome (a side effect is dizziness) and recommended he stop it until we talk to his neurologist, since my phone calls to him have gone unanswered. (Actually, we have been playing phone tag for several days and the weekend came without me getting the answer to my last question)  I’m hoping that does the trick and he starts to feel better soon.

Wednesday evening, later than I’d hoped, my son and his girlfriend Chasity and her son Weston (aka Fatman) arrived and so did my stomach ache. I don’t know why, but I began to cramp and soon the diarrhea hit. Maybe due to something I used baking my Keto mug cake the night before,  or maybe it was the combo that morning of apple cider vinegar tea, followed by bulletproof coffee, breakfast and water with Attain added to it. I drank that last bit to add some electrolytes back into my system, but maybe it was too much on top of everything else. Anyway, it was a long miserable evening, I went to bed early, drained and tired and then got up early to take my son to court. I was over it by then thank God and when we got home, Josh asked if they could stay another night. I was very much game for that, and we enjoyed another evening together. I included a picture of Chasity and Josh taking Weston outside to see if he would walk in the grass. He had taken a couple of steps in the house but she thought maybe he would feel more stable on the ground. Alas, he was distracted by the pups and never did walk anymore.

Weston and Chasity

Friday after they left to go home, I set off for downtown Ft Worth to go see my neck doctor for what was to be my final checkup post surgery in December. I did not know I was being dismissed, yet I was happy to learn that! I was so happy in fact, that all my questions I had ready just flew out the window and I left one happy camper. When I returned home however, David reminded me that I was supposed to ask a specific question about getting dental work done and I slapped my head and said, “Dang it I forgot!” Luckily, I am part of today’s modern way of communicating with all of my doctors through something called a patient portal. I will pose the question one day this week.

Dave and I enjoyed Friday and Saturday alone, catching up after a week apart, running errands and having dinner out last night. When we got home, it was early yet and after a brief thunderstorm, I was feeling like I needed to get up and move around, like I was jumping out of my skin.  He said “Let’s go drive around a bit,” and we ended up at the bowling alley, a place neither of us had been in ages.

Dave taking his shot

We played two games and went home and watched Despicable Me 3 and went to bed. Such is the life of 50 somethings I guess.( PS-Bowling is expensive on Saturday nights, we played 2 games and rented shoes, that came up to $33!) Today we went to church, the grocery store and later we will prepare and serve dinner for whatever family wants to show up. I suppose it’s been a pretty good week after all. 🙂






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