Three Things Challenge-06/06/2018

Brandy and Whiskey my adorable Shorkies


Dog, hairball, and science fiction are the Three Things in the challenge today, designed by A Haunted Wordsmith

.Here’s my attempt:

Brandy and Whiskey Save The Day


While watching a movie of pure science fiction,

I keenly observed some growing friction

Between my kitten Callie and my two adorable Shorkies.

The cat seemed to be choking

So the dogs set about poking

Their noses into her face.

A hairball then came up,

Brandy quickly licked it up,

Discovering a delightful taste.

Before I could act, the mess disappeared

Much to my sudden disgust,

Yet thanks to my Brandy, I never had to touch it

Saving me from a job I’d disgust.


( A work of pure fiction as my kitten is way too small to emit a hairball, lol)

Ok, now it’s your turn! Give it a shot, won’t you?


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