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Three Things Challenge, 14 June 2018

So there once was this lady, she lived in California, close to the Pacific Ocean-I wanna say somewhere like The OC, you know, like the show? Anyway, she was a real witch, not the spell casting kind, more like the kind where you would replace the W with a B, ya know? Anyway, she was into all kinds of nefarious shit, you know, being a hippie/witch of sorts, she used drugs, listened to that God-awful satanic music, crap…she was something else. Never in the history of the world has there been someone so evil, a friend of mine said she saw her murder someone, yes murder them! She was spying on her, sure she was in her own back yard this lady, but still! Anyway, my friend said she saw her in the middle of one of them praying circles, ya know, kneeling on the ground with stones all the way around her. Next thing she saw was this witch pick up a baby and cut it’s throat, poor baby! She let the blood drip into a bowl and then she said she saw her pick it up and drink it! Oh. My. God!! I had never heard of such a thing, made me damn glad I live on the other side of the pond ya know, cause nothing like that ever happens in England!

Tales from the mind of Kristian

This is a Three Things Challenge as set by the haunted wordsmith, see link below:


Here are the three words for 14 June 2018: history, witch, Pacific Ocean

This story also includes the Word Prompt: Nefarious


I was born in Salem. Not the Salem in Massachusetts, renowned in history for it ancient witch trial. The one in Oregon, near the Pacific Ocean. 

It was founded by settlers keen to leave behind those old stories of Witches and witchcraft and other nefarious things.

What they didn’t know was that it was coming with them. 

Travelling with the settlers was my great-grandmother, Hecuba Carey. She had been young at the time. A woman with long red hair that she refused to keep tied up and under a bonnet. She had also been schooled well in the ways of witchery by her own mother and send forth with the…

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Three Things Challenge, 11 June 2018

Today’s Three Things Challenge comes from The Haunted Wordsmith and you can click on her link to find out more.

Here is my story:

Almost Gone

Sarah and Danny were celebrating the fact that they just got a new cat, a rescue of sorts since Sarah found her in her dad’s old boat. As they sat outside one Friday night, listening to music on their back patio, their dogs came through the doggie door as they always did. It was fast approaching midnight, and Sarah was just about to say that she was going in for the night, when Sox, their new kitten, came through the doggie door following the dogs. “That cat is gonna get herself killed if we aren’t watching her every second,” Danny exclaimed. Luckily, the moon was bright, and as Sarah chased the kitten through the back yard, it occured to her that Danny was right. If Sox had made it to the fence, there were holes tiny enough for her to make it through. Then she would have been gone. Now she would have to consider the tough decision to get her declawed or not. Maybe if she trained her right, she would not only potty ouside, but stay in their yard and not run off. Only time would tell.


Three Things Challenge-06/06/2018

Brandy and Whiskey my adorable Shorkies


Dog, hairball, and science fiction are the Three Things in the challenge today, designed by A Haunted Wordsmith

.Here’s my attempt:

Brandy and Whiskey Save The Day


While watching a movie of pure science fiction,

I keenly observed some growing friction

Between my kitten Callie and my two adorable Shorkies.

The cat seemed to be choking

So the dogs set about poking

Their noses into her face.

A hairball then came up,

Brandy quickly licked it up,

Discovering a delightful taste.

Before I could act, the mess disappeared

Much to my sudden disgust,

Yet thanks to my Brandy, I never had to touch it

Saving me from a job I’d disgust.


( A work of pure fiction as my kitten is way too small to emit a hairball, lol)

Ok, now it’s your turn! Give it a shot, won’t you?