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Three Things Challenge, 11 June 2018

Today’s Three Things Challenge comes from The Haunted Wordsmith and you can click on her link to find out more.

Here is my story:

Almost Gone

Sarah and Danny were celebrating the fact that they just got a new cat, a rescue of sorts since Sarah found her in her dad’s old boat. As they sat outside one Friday night, listening to music on their back patio, their dogs came through the doggie door as they always did. It was fast approaching midnight, and Sarah was just about to say that she was going in for the night, when Sox, their new kitten, came through the doggie door following the dogs. “That cat is gonna get herself killed if we aren’t watching her every second,” Danny exclaimed. Luckily, the moon was bright, and as Sarah chased the kitten through the back yard, it occured to her that Danny was right. If Sox had made it to the fence, there were holes tiny enough for her to make it through. Then she would have been gone. Now she would have to consider the tough decision to get her declawed or not. Maybe if she trained her right, she would not only potty ouside, but stay in their yard and not run off. Only time would tell.


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