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Multiple Prompt Story 25 July 2018

Today I will be combining three prompts, the Word of the Day, Three Things Challenge, and the photo prompt from Worth a Thousand Words #9. Here we go:

Photo credit: Couleur @Pixabay.com

Christmas in July

As the summer was winding down and school was getting ready to start, that was the time Cindy’s family‘s Christmas shopping began. Strange maybe, with everyone else doing their back-to-school shopping, Cindy’s Mom preferred to get a head start on holiday shopping with all the sales going on in July. You’ve surely heard of all the different companies that do those kinds of sales. From Wayfair to Barnes and Noble, there’s something for everyone. Retailers have a unique sensitivity to the shoppers needs and figure since July is a slow sales month, they can boost their revenue by getting shoppers to think about the holidays in the summer.

Today, Cindy’s Mom wanted to explore the goods at Christmas Town, one of the best places in Alabama for decorations year round. Inside were displays made of sparkly cotton on which rested everything from candy canes to smartly dressed snowmen, holiday train sets wandered through a snowy landscape.  Everywhere you looked were decorated Christmas trees with sparkling balls and glass ornaments in every style imaginable. Cindy tried to look everywhere at once, her eyes popping out of their sockets at all the available merchandise. Cindy was past the point of caring what anyone thought of her as she giggled and ran through the store, marveling at the Christmas wonderland before her.

Her mom even had to laugh seeing how crazy for Christmas Cindy was. Together, they decided on a theme for this year’s tree and shopped for all the coordinating decorations. It was a magical day spending quality time with her mother that Cindy would always remember.


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