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Getting Prepared

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

We had a busy one as we got the house cleaned and decorated so I could host the Annual Girls Christmas Party with some ladies I used to work with at Allied Labs many moons ago!

We ate snacks and played the White Elephant gift exchange, cut up, and caught up on news with old friends. What a blast. I invited them back for summertime fun.

Here are a few pics from yesterday.

My friend Julie whom I met at Psychiatric Institute while employed through Allied

Rhonda (Skipper)Solberger Friar, Julie, myself and Debbie-Rhonda’s sister

My Keto Sausage Balls-a second batch I made this morning

Now It’s time to also et prepared for the holiday season. Christmas is just around the corner, there’s gifts to buy, yummy food to learn how to make, like the Keto Sausage Balls I made for the party yesterday. They were not bad, but could have used a little less almond flour and more seasoning.

Mws R Writings shared some beautiful ideas for making food into Christmas decoration for the table. Check them out here!

A bit of good news in my inbox this morning! I am to have an article of mine published! I’m beyond stoked, if not for the money so much, but the acceptance not rejection of one piece of my writing. 🙂

Also, seems my new job is to start sooner than later, I go in for a few hours this coming Friday! Excited about that as well! Not just for the extra holiday cash, which let’s face it, we all need right now, but for the chance to interact with sweet little babies and toddlers, God’s precious gifts from Heaven for sure!

Please remember that Jesus is the “reason for the season” and don’t get too stressed out with spending tons of money this year. That is not what it’s all about. Plan to spend quality time with your family, eat, drink and be merry together! Remember Jesus and tell Him Happy Birthday as you rise on Christmas morning, I guarantee you will have a wonderful day!




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