First Day on the New Job

Yesterday was cold and rainy, yet I was not bothered as I carefully made my way to the church in Bedford, Tx where I was to start my job as a floater between the infant and toddler rooms. There I will be doing all manner of childcare duties, rocking babies, feeding, changing diapers, cleaning toys and dishes and then in the toddler room we actually follow a curriculum. I think my most fun part yesterday was when the 4-year-olds joined us for music time in the music room. For some reason, that age group had no problem with me and treated me like I was one of their gang, making eye contact and singing and dancing with me…the one year olds I had just been with were nothing like that. They were wary and cautious, staring at me wide-eyed like “Who is this lady, don’t even think about touching me!”

I’m happy to report that by the end of the day, no one cried when they saw me approach, and some of the one year olds even played with me in the motor lab. I ended the day in the infant room, we had just put them all down for a nap when it was time for me to go. This is a new experience for me, besides raising my own children, and my mother babysitting other kids in our home when I was growing up, I have very little experience with little ones. I am small though, so they seem to think I am one of them. 🙂 I am not allowed to share pics on Facebook, so I guess I can’t share them here either. (Unless their faces don’t show) Security is strict, it is a church preschool and they make sure the kids are very well protected. I had to have my fingerprints done, the usual background check, take a Ministry Safe class, read a large manual on safety procedures and child development…it’s all very regimented.

I think I’m going to enjoy it though, it is a part-time job, I didn’t want anything to take my time away from my family if they needed me, yet it seems a good time to start this with it being the holiday season, I will get to see the magic and glory of Christmas through the children’s eyes, and I will probably grow as attached to them as the other ladies are there at the church. My friend Elise already has an “adopted” grandchild there, lol. I’m sure I will have some cute tales to tell very soon!



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